Financial Crisis Demonstration - Edinburgh - Friday 24th October - 5PM

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Oct 19 2008 23:57
Financial Crisis Demonstration - Edinburgh - Friday 24th October - 5PM

We bailed-out the Banks.

Now we own them.

Where is OUR bailout?


• We demand guarantees that our jobs, wages homes, pensions, benefits, and public services will not be cut or lost completely.

• We demand large investments in our important public services, like the NHS and public transport.

• We demand windfall taxes on the wealthy electricity companies and our bills kept low, so that we dont suffer from fuel poverty this winter.

• We demand investment in social housing that is free from the chaos inherent in the markets.

Make YOUR demands heard!

Demonstrate, Edinburgh, Friday 24th of October. Gather 5pm at the top of the mound. Bring your banners, placards, and demands.

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Joseph Kay
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Oct 20 2008 11:55
Dundee_United wrote:
We bailed-out the Banks.

Now we own them.

i understand the tempatation to adopt populist slogans, but this does require a remarkable identification with the state neutral

i mean demands refusing cuts are fair enough (though i'm wary of demanding specific policies, i couldn't give a shit if my gas bills are kept down by windfall taxes or cutting the number of troops in iraq or by issuing new treasury bonds - it's not the job of communists to make government policy).

so rather than complaining about 'taxpayers money' and reinforcing illusions that the state represents or ever can represent our interests, i think a more consistent line would be pointing out how our needs are always 'unnaffordable' while the needs of capital are always met whatever the cost (mostly to us, of course).

In terms of the indymedia article, blaming "greedy bankers" is not just poor analysis, it's echoing the line of large sections of the bourgeoisie. you needen't write an impenetrable marxist tract to discuss the class nature and 'real economy' roots of the current crisis, e.g. this i wrote for Tea Break. blaming the "greedy bankers" is a reactionary pro-capitalist fig leaf with some vary unsavoury historical antecedents.

Please note i'm not saying nothing should be done around the financial crisis, or that we should replace accessible slogans with impenetrable paragraphs of ultra-left theory, just that a rush to populism appears misguided.

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Oct 20 2008 18:10

Joseph K., I agree with the points you made.

I work for a large bank as an administrator, on the day that the company share price hit rock bottom (below a pound) there was a lot of talk about speculation, spivs and whatever... some newspapers were more honest than others and said that the "free market" economy is administered, maintained and perpetuated precisely by the fund managers/marketing experts who target corporations suffering reputational damage and absorb the losses for their own gain (these are speculators), what I believe has happened is that they have targetted the largest, oldest and most capitalised banks in the UK (and elsewhere) and that the state had to be called in to intervene to contain their internal rivalry (effectively putting an end to the myth that "free market" capitalism does not have to be regulated).

In summary I think:
The capitalist class are privatising profits... they have lost control of their internal rivalries...
The middle class will (at least temporarily) loose some power as the instability continues because previously privatised assets will be become nationalised...
The working class will suffer loss of jobs, sharp inflation, loss of services... and until capitalists are able to contain their internal rivalry support for this will be demanded through national identity (social partnership)...
Increased militarism, executive state power and religious sympathies over the last several years have paved the way for horrendous possibilities...
On 1st October Bush had a personal highly trained police force of more than 9000 officers appointed specifically to protect him alone, effectively this means that for the last 20 days the USA has been under marshal law.

Our struggle now more than ever is against social partnership of the bosses and the nationalism of the nation state.

I support the call for direct struggles/demonstrations to oppose the capitalists and nationalists