Greetings from - Penis Gourds Peoples Association

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Apr 28 2008 16:44
Greetings from - Penis Gourds Peoples Association


I am delighted to have come across your forum and wish to bring to your attention the plight of the West Papuan peole who are suffering daily under Indonesian military occupation of their land which is the western half of the island of New Guinea sharing an (unnatural) border with independent Papua New Guinea.

It is also the site of the world's largest gold and copper mine operated by Rio Tinto and Freeport McMoran, which dumps hundreds of thousands of tonnes per day of toxic waste into the River Ajkwa, with the Rio Tinto Chairman only days ago stating that he does not belive the mine tailings are toxic.

If some of you remember events in East Timor where 200,000 or one-third of the East Timorese where massacred by the genocidal maniacs in the Indonesian military, it appears that Indonesia is repeating the same in West Papua but on a far greater scale. The situation has become so dire for these people that we at International Action for West Papua, an international group of human rights activists, try to inform as many people so that collective mass-movement awareness will hopefully bring a change to the status quo.

Further information may be had at [url=Enter URL here][/url] and we send you all peaceful greetings, and look forward to further future interaction. Thank you.

Django Raitnaw
Papua Coordinator
International Action for West Papua