Iraq 5 years on... events at Housmans in March

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Iraq 5 years on... events at Housmans in March

A big programme of events in March - hope to see you at some of


Housmans – radical booksellers since 1945


In light of the sombre fifth anniversary of this most recent invasion of Iraq by the US and UK governments, Housmans is hosting a series of events reflecting on what has come to pass, and examining different facets of the fallout of the war and the continuing occupation.

1. (talk)
We nearly won: how the anti-war movements nearly stopped the invasion of Iraq - with Milan Rai
Wednesday 5th March, 7pm

Milan Rai has been instrumental in organising the anti-war effort in the lead up to this most recent invasion of Iraq, and he will be sharing his thoughts regarding the efforts that took place to stop the war, as well as considering lessons learnt from the experience.

Milan Rai is the coordinator of Justice Not Vengeance, co-editor of Peace News, and amongst his published works he has authored two books on the subject of the Iraq war: War Plan Iraq and Regime Unchanged.

2. (art exhibition)
Extraordinary Renditions – with Lucy Edkins
Saturday 8th March, 5pm

Lucy Edkins has produced a powerful series of acrylic works based on the US army’s cynical policy of ‘extraordinary rendition’: the illegal practice of moving suspects secretly across borders, and imprisoning them indefinitely, without charge and without trial, often at hidden sites beyond the reach of international law. Housmans will be displaying works from her Belmarsh and Guantánamo series. Lucy Edkins will be present to discuss her work in person.

3. (film screening)
Route Irish
Monday 10th March, 7pm

'Route Irish' (88mins), is a feature length verité/essay film on the campaign(s) against Irish facilitation of the US/UK Invasion of Iraq. It may surprise many that a majority of US Troops travel through Ireland on the way to Iraq - in spite of Ireland's own constitution and tradition of neutrality and non-alignment.

This Indymedia Ireland/Revolt Video film documents the emergence of the Irish antiwar movement between 2002 and 2006 and of the broad popular opposition to the US military use of Ireland's civilian Shannon Airport in the build-up to, invasion of, and occupation of Iraq.

4. (talk)
Corporate mercenaries in Iraq: a War on Want exposé on the private armies making a killing - with Ruth Tanner
Wednesday 12th March, 7pm

Ruth Tanner, campaigner from War on Want, will be presenting the latest information on private military contractors, who now outnumber British troops in Iraq by three to one, making them the second largest occupying force in Iraq behind the US. Yet they remain unregulated and unaccountable, leaving open the potential for human rights violations. Despite a number of reported cases of abuse, no private military contractor has ever been prosecuted for actions in Iraq. The pattern is similar in conflicts around the world.

5. (book event/talk)
City of Widows: An Iraqi Woman's Account of War and Resistance - with Haifa Zangana
Wednesday 19th March, 7pm

Haifa Zangana, a former political prisoner of the Ba'ath regime, is the first writer to put the plight of Iraqi women in context. She traces a long line of daring and vocal activists, resisting foreign aggression and despotism for the past 100 years, from a handful of turn of the century poets to 1960s activists in armed struggle and the suicide bombers of today.

Addressing the stark reality of Iraq under occupation, Zangana reveals Baghdad as a city of widows, where more than 300,000 women, their regular lives destroyed, have been left to head households. Haifa will give a presentation on the subject, followed by a question and answer session, and will also be signing copies of the book.

6. (art exhibition)
A decade of suffering: Iraq in wood engravings - with Emily Johns in conjunction with Voices in the Wilderness UK
Wednesday 26th March, 7pm

Artist, campaigner and Peace News co-editor Emily Johns will be presenting a collection of prints that tell the story of ten years of suffering in Iraq – first as a result of the devastating sanctions, and then the subsequent disastrous invasion. These images have been printed up as affordable posters, and will be available to buy, with all proceeds going to the Iraqi campaigning group Voices in the Wilderness UK. As well as explaining the stories behind the images, Emily will be signing prints of her work.


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