Just Books Identify New Premises

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Feb 24 2008 15:02
Just Books Identify New Premises


Just Books aims to create a Working-class Resource and Solidarity Centre in Belfast that will incorporate accessible resources and information for workers and communities in struggle - in a premises providing a multi-lingual resource library, a bookshop, meeting space, internet access and a coffee shop. We would also like to include a projector for showing films.

Like the original Just Books we aim to provide titles and publications on a range of topics, Irish and international working-class history, Irish politics, anarchism, marxism, anti-capitalism, feminism, communism, socialism, sex and sexuality, current affairs, globalisation, racism/anti-racism, the environment, labour legislation and more.


The day to day running of the Centre will be the responsibility of the Just Books' Workers' Collective. The Collective will be elected at an Annual General Meeting by the Centre's membership. Membership is open to anyone who agrees with our direct democratic Constitution. The Constitution will be ratified at our first AGM at the end of April. Amendments are welcome.

May Opening

In the short-term we plan to open the Centre in May. We have identified affordable space in Belfast City Centre for this purpose. We need at least 20 people to take out standing orders of £10 per month to achieve this aim. We currently have 10 and are appealing for more. Simply fill out the Standing Order form attached to this email and bring it along to your own bank.

In return members get free internet access and free entry to social events. Donations of office furniture and equipment, as well as books and bookshelves, would also be very welcome.

In the medium-term we plan to rent a larger shop space with the hope of buying a building in the long-term.

Additional electronic and hard copies of our draft constitution, standing order form and survey can be obtained by e-mailing justbooks@riseup.net.

Please contact us if you are taking out a standing order.

Thanks for your ongoing support;

on behalf of the Just Books Collective