latest EF! Action Update out

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Jun 5 2008 13:42
latest EF! Action Update out

As if putting the boot into the genetics industry, filling empty spaces with joy & creativity, and fooling the fossil-heads wasn't enough, people have been busy washing lumps of coal and covering themselves with paint...we kid you not...all in aid of halting the trashing of the planet!

Parliaments have been climbed, airport terminals flash(mobb)ed, fields & various other sites occupied, building stormed & blockaded, pipelines blockaded & destroyed...
Throw into the mix ye oldie Reclaim the Streets, the tried and tested eeeeevil Mr/Ms Sabotage, the launch of a new campaign 'Leave it in the Ground', with a no open-cast noise demo outside UK Coal near Doncaster on 9th June, plus a summer-full of dates, new contacts list, it's a wonder we've fitted in a brand new sexy EF! summer gathering poster (front & back). Download the latest EF!AU to share with others, subscribe or check out some past issues. The next issue will come out at the beginning of August.