The Migrating University Project

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The Migrating University Project

The Migrating University Project
14 – 15 September 2007

[an invitation for all students, staff and community members including asylum seekers and refugees to participate in a free open access two-day education and arts event at Goldsmiths University. Goldsmiths, University of London, is in New Cross, South East London, five miles from central London, in Travelcard Zone]

[programme subject to change]

Friday 14th September

Venue: Room 150 and 137a Richard Hoggart Building
10am Welcome, coffee, tea, info stalls for No Borders Camp
Room 150 RHB

10.30 Introduction and welcome to The Migrating University Project
Room 137a RHB
John Hutnyk (Goldsmiths) Introduction to the day
some have to fight to move at all and others struggle daily simply to pass or fail?

This panel asks if education is really a social good, a pass to freedom; or if it is rather a ticket to a new set of subjugations?

Ash Sharma (University of East London)
Massimo de Angelis (University of East London)
Paul Hendrich (Goldsmiths)

12.55 Picnic in the Courtyard and performances

2.30 Panel #2 - Critical Pedagogy

Chair: Francisco
Critical Pedagogy (CP) questions the relationship between education and politics, between socio-political relations and pedagogical practices, in short: the correspondence between power hierarchies in the social world and the hierarchies that mark and define educational institutions at large. Moreover it challenges the ubiquitous desire of policy makers for a non-politicized, neutral educational context, free of all social and cultural conflict.

Sanjay Sharma (Brunel University) – author of (2007) "Multicultural Encounters".
Glenn Rikowski (University of Northampton) – author of "The Battle in Seattle" (2001)
Tom Woodin (Institute of Education, University of London)

4.15 Panel #3 – Organising in the Margins
Chair: Olivia
Migration means traversing boundaries: between nations, between legality and illegality. This panel is about organising those in the seams and the struggles for justice for those who suffer or die in such black holes.

Ava Caradonna (Sex Workers' Union)
What does it mean to organise the unorganisable? What does union organising mean to people who are not considered workers, or who don't necessarily consider what they do 'work', 'illegal' or worthy of stigma? How do unions take seriously the need to organise migrants workers? How can unionism be done differently in this context? Ava Caradonna will discuss such questions and campaigns relating to them.

Susan Cueva (UNISON)
Is a life-long union activist in the Philippines and UK with experience of organising the invisible, from seafarers to street cleaners. Today's talk includes information about UNISON campaigns seeking fair terms for migrant workers affected by swings in Home Office policy on work permits.

Ken Fero (Injustice)
A short, YouTube, version of Injustice - a film about the struggles for justice by the families of people who have died in police custody – and accompanying talk by the film's maker.

6.15 Goldsmiths To Gatwick
meeting upstairs in Goldsmiths Tavern about collective attendance at Gatwick.

7.00 Joan Marie Kelly (Singapore)
Workshop upstairs in Tavern (with drinks).
Foreign workers in Singapore and the use of art as contact and transformation


Saturday 15th September

Venue: Cinema Richard Hoggart Building.

10am Welcome, coffee, tea, info stalls for No Borders Camp

10.30 Panel #4 – Critical Practice Inside and Out
Chair: John
It is believed there was once a time when the University was a place where there thrived a rampant intelligence that was preoccupied with something more than just cramming.

Hari Kunzru (Novelist – author of "My Revolutions" (2007)
David Graeber (Goldsmiths)
Mao Mollona (Goldsmiths)
Sukant Chandran (freelance Journalist)

1.00 Panel #5 – Local Checkpoints

Chair: Camille
This panel will provide an opportunity to hear from activists and community members involved in grassroots and local campaigns and projects.

Harmit Athwal (Institute of Race Relations)
Katherine Mann (Musician)
Almir Koldzic (Refugee Week)

2.30 Quick lunch

3pm Battle of Lewisham commemorative walk

A walk along the route of the march/counter-protest against the NF in 1977, including people involved at the time. At present this will start from Clifton Rise, New Cross at 3. (info/liaison with Paul).


19-24 September O7 – No Borders Camp at Gatwick

From 19th to 24th September 07 we will gather at Gatwick Airport for the first No Border Camp in the UK. This camp will be a chance to work together to try and stop the building of a new detention centre, and to gather ideas for how to build up the fight against the system of migration controls.