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Jan 19 2011 23:04

There's always one sour-faced old bugger who's got to go and piss on everyone elses bonfire...

If I can't drink - I don't want to be part of your revolution!

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Jan 20 2011 15:48

Since I seem to have got up a few peoples noses, just for the record I enjoyed a couple of pints myself and at least one interesting informal chat with someone I hadn't met before, but despite the irritating amount of time spent on 'process' and some mildly amusing hand waving sessions, I thought there were at least some positive workshop discussions besides the 'class struggle' one. Knowing that the simplified summaries/report backs presented at the main gathering of the workshops I attended were unfortunately a gross misrepresentation of the range of views expressed, I suspected that also applied to others that I didn't attend and just wondered what other people thought about these?

For all it's 'activist' orientation I thought this gathering did represent a genuine desire by many to look outside of their movement and beyond past practices but I couldn't tell if that view was reflected in other peoples experience.

I think it was worthwhile libertarian communists perservering with the event as a whole, despite the irritations, because of this. Whilst I don't see this particular network being the pivitol point of any mass anti-cuts movement it's probably not a good idea to write the whole thing off at this early stage.

As an aside I'm also aware that whilst the analysis and politics of 'climate camp' and other 'activist' types is a long way from ours, that they do have some useful practical skills worth sharing.