No War But the Class War meeting in the London Radical Bookfair

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May 29 2018 14:38
No War But the Class War meeting in the London Radical Bookfair


As capitalism’s economic crisis deepens our rulers are determined to make the working class pay for it by increasing exploitation and reducing wages and living conditions.
All across the world, the capitalists and their political puppets are also trying to prevent any united working class fightback by widening divisions in the working class, such as nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual preference. The xenophobia whipped up before and after the Brexit campaign, the Trump election campaign and the election campaigns of nationalist governments in Hungary and Poland are a few recent examples of what is happening and what is to come.
At the same time national states are trying to push the crisis onto capitalists of other states or blocs of states by trade wars. And history tells us that trade wars are the prelude to shooting wars. While imperialist proxy wars continue to rage in the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe, and while a new conflict with Iran is being stoked up, increasingly intense global conflicts are being prepared.
Nationalism is the main tool being used to recruit workers to support their rulers in these wars. No faction of the capitalist class is worth supporting and none is “a lesser evil”! The alternative is not to do nothing. There are already voices being raised under the banner of “No war but the class war!” to challenge the fate that the capitalists are preparing for us.
Join them in a public meeting to find out more and make your own contribution:

When: 2 June 2018 at 1400hrs
Where: London Radical book fair, Richard Hoggart Building Room 138, Goldsmiths University, 8 Lewisham Way, SE14 6NW
Hosted by: Communist Workers Organisation & Anarchist Communist Group
Also supported by Guildford Solidarity-IWW

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May 30 2018 09:18

Thanks for posting the info up here.

There are now two threads on Libcom about this meeting so maybe the admins could merge them as hopefully we will have some feedback discussion on here afterwards.

The other thread does also mention the another ACG discussion called
Land and Liberty which is being held at the London Radical Bookfair too.