Proposal for film screenings in your town - in May and June 15

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Apr 2 2015 07:16
Proposal for film screenings in your town - in May and June 15

Proposal for discussion meetings and documentary film screenings on logistics workers' struggles in your town

Dear sisters and brothers,

We're a small collective trying to organise with our co-workers in warehouses in West-London. We've also started a local workers' newspaper. You can read more about our efforts and about the paper here:

We're writing to you because we'll be visiting various warehouse hubs across the UK between the end of May and end of June 2015 so that we can talk to workers there. We would also like to use the opportunity to meet up with comrades on the way, mainly to exchange our experiences with workers' self-organising and workers' publications.

At these meetings we could also screen a brand new documentary about logistic workers' struggles in Italy, made by friends of ours. The 70min film portrays the struggle of mainly migrant workers against the harsh labour regime of companies like TNT or IKEA. These struggles emerged in 2008 and have since then, not only won better conditions, but also put workers' self-organisation back on the wider political agenda. Workers' militants of the rank-and-file union Si Cobas talk about blockades of logistic hubs and their alliances with activists from the social centres.

Let us know if you'd be interested in organising such a meeting/film-screening in May or June in your town. Ideally we would schedule two hours for exchange of experiences and one and a half hours for the film - people could of course come by just for the film screening.

Some AngryWorkers

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Noah Fence
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Apr 2 2015 14:20

This is impressive! Best of luck and keep us informed.

BTW, it was nice meeting one of you guys(sorry, I can't remember your name!)recently and the paper is awesome!

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Apr 2 2015 14:07

Would you be willing to do a public screening in South London at the SPGB venue?

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Apr 11 2015 11:27


thanks Webby, was definitely nice meeting up, though cold and windy...

thanks Jon, we will have a film screening/discussion in central London in June (TBC) and at least one in Greenford warehouse area. we hope to be able to attract some logistics workers to watch and talk about the documentary. may be another event in Dagenham area would be good...

in any case, for conact, comments and suggestions please send us emails (we don't check our Libcom messages and forums regularly!)...

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Apr 12 2015 03:05

Would it be possible to show this in north america?

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Apr 12 2015 04:00

Some of us on the west coast (of North America) would be interested in hosting a series of screenings and discussions of this film, especially around logistics nodes -- and hopefully including supply chain workers. Perhaps we could do it in coordination with Khawaga.