Publishing with Radical Intent

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Sep 22 2007 19:48
Publishing with Radical Intent

Hobnail Press have recently published a 3-part pamphlet series entitled 'Proletarian Aspirations: Selected Essays from Black Star: Workers Journal for a Free Communist Society. 1983-1988'.

The publishers blurb states: "In 1982, 'Black Star: Paper for Independent Working Class Organisation' (formerly 'Treason'. Founded 1979), published by left-communist and anarchist workers, in the Tyne & Wear area of the UK, ceased publication. In 1983 former members of the Black Star Collective, now living in the Buckinghamshire area, reformed the Collective, and subsequently re-launched 'Black Star'. The 'new' publication was given a makeover, and renamed, 'Black Star: Workers Journal for a Free Communist Society'.

The majority of the essays included in this trology are theoretical and historical, and reflect a British class struggle anarchist, councilist and left-communist perspective.

The series co-incides with the 20th anniversary of the death of Daryl Hepple, one of the founder members of the Black Star Collective. In a fitting tribute the series is dedicated to his memory".

Each pamphlet costs £2.00/$4.00 - all three £5.00/$10.00 - inc p&p. From Hobnail Press, Box 208, 235 Earls Court Rd, London SW5 9FE. (UK cheques and PO's only - payable to 'Hobnail Arts & Media'. Overseas orders in cash only - US$ and Sterling bills.