Second Feminist Fightback conference, UEL, October 20

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Laura Sc
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Sep 6 2007 14:09
Second Feminist Fightback conference, UEL, October 20

Feminist Fightback II - Saturday 20 October '07

Back for a second year, the Feminist Fightback activist conference is organised by a group of socialist feminists, including the Education Not for Sale student network. It aims to bring together feminists from a wide range of perspectives to debate ideas and develop practical strategies for fighting women’s oppression and exploitation.

Fightback 07 will build on the success of last year’s conference, attended by over 220 people, which gave rise to several activist initiatives, including the March 3 2007 Torch-Lit March for Abortion Rights.

This year we will continue our campaign to defend and extend abortion rights and our discussions will includ...

- Is sexy always sexist? Feminism, lads mags and pornography
- Ecofeminism
- Feminists against borders
- Islamic feminism
- Race, sex and class
- The gender pay gap, low pay and class struggle
- Women against sweatshops

Plus film showings…
- Love, Honour and Disobey: a film by Southall Black Sisters
- A Place of Rage: women in the black civil rights movement

Feminist Fightback’s supporters include the National Union of Students Women’s Campaign, the RMT Women’s Committee and the International Union of Sex Workers.

The conference will be held at the University of East London Docklands campus (Cyprus DLR). For more information, or to register, ring 07890 209 479, or email

For more information on how you can support the conference and get involved, see our website