Vestival solidarity camp and Newport County Court protest

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Vestival solidarity camp and Newport County Court protest

Vestival – Because Vestas Workers need our Support and BGG is Cancelled

Start Time: Wed 29 Jul 09 at 08:00
End Time:
Sun 02 Aug 09 at 12:00
Camp outside Vestas Blades UK factory occupation, Newport, Isle of Wight
  Vestas Blades, Monks Brook, St. Cross Business Park, Newport, PO30 5WZ, Isle of Wight, UK
Location Map:
Facebook event:
More Info:
for more information about the campaign on the Island and what you can do, please contact:• Patrick Rolfe – 07 905 352 751 – pat.rolfe64@googlemail.com


Support Vestas workers in Newport! – Let the courts know what we think of the 'posession order'

Date: Wed 29 Jul 09
10:15 - 13:00
Newport County Court
The Law Courts, 1 Quay Street, Newport, PO30 5YT, Isle of Wight, UK
Location Map:
Facebook event:
The Vestas workers have been served with a 'posession order' which means they, or their representatives must present themselves at Newport County Court this Wednesday, and will face forcible eviction by police if the order is upheld. Come and show your support for the Vestas occupation!

Recycled Banner, 'Victory to the Vestas Workers Occupation' Solidarity Demo, DECC, London - Wed 22 Jul 09

Act in Solidarity Now – recount tales of our victories at your leisure

The police, following orders from on high have forced the cancellation of the Big Green Gathering (more at Links > News below).

This coincides with the Vestas workers on the Isle of Wight going to court due to their week long sit in – on Wed 29 Jul, Vestas will try to take out an injunction to evict the occupiers of the plant in Newport. Around 25 workers have occupied the factory which is set to close on Thu 31 Jul 09, losing 600 green jobs.

Vestas makes wind turbine blades for onshore windfarms. Ed Miliband says it's the fault of the Nimbys that Vestas is closing. Nimbys tie up windfarm projects in planning red tape, making them unviable.

Let's show Ed, the nimbys and the police that the answer is indeed blowing in the wind.

The splendid and victorious examples set earlier this year by...
• workers occupying Visteon factories in Belfast, Basildon and Enfield
• workers expressing mass solidarity with Lindsey Oil Refinery construction workers, with walkouts at over 20 other sites just how shaky the bosses are. If we fight, we CAN win Big Time, but the bigger our forces, the better our chances of securing sustainable jobs, climate, and biosphere. So NOW is the time for YOU to join forces with our sisters and brothers in occupation on the Isle of Wight.

We need radical change, we need renewable energy, we need to work in solidarity with the workers.

There's a pot of tea and revolution brewing. Be the change, be the camp, bring a tent.

Get down to the Isle of Wight pronto. Invite all your mates. And when you get there, check out the Vestas Workers Support Committee to find out how you can help.

Express YOUR Solidarity with the Vestas Workers Occupation
When your kids, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, etc. ask you, “What did YOU do in the Great Climate War?”, here are the things you can tell them about that YOU did to aid this struggle.

1. Go There: Join the Vestival solidarity camp and Newport County Court protest • see above for details

2. Mutual Aid: Let’s put OUR Money where our Mouth Is – Donate to the Save Vestas Campaign
» By PayPal: from the campaign home page –
» By Cheque: payable to ‘Ryde and East Wight Trades Union Council’, 22 Church Lane, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 2NB

3. Moral Boosting: Communicate YOUR Solidarity
» Send messages of support from yourself and/or your organisation to
» Organise a visible demonstration of solidarity, take a photo with a placard that reads “Save Vestas” and email the photo to

4. Do The Right Thing: Try to get “New” Labour in Ministries to back Real Labour in Struggle

• Petition UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown online via the website – very quick-&-easy:

• Petition energy minister Ed Miliband – flood him with calls for the Government to take over the Vestas factory and keep it producing, under new management
» Ed’s email –
» Ed’s Doncaster constituency – 01302 875 462
» Ed’s Westminster number – 020 7219 4778

• Call on the UK Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Lord Mandelson to save wind energy jobs

“It’s crazy for Ed Miliband to be making statement after statement about green energy and green jobs and at the same time this factory is being closed. It would be a tiny step financially to keep this factory open, but it would be a huge statement about the government's commitment to the green economy. Just as they could not afford to let the banks fail, they can't afford to let this fail. It's about the history of humanity.”
~ Michael, a Vestas Worker in occupation of the Vestas Wind Systems factory

“The people occupying the plant are showing courageous determination in acting to stop the loss of their jobs, the decline in the green industry in the UK and catastrophic climate change around the world. They are showing that we cannot wait for the government to act. We have a responsibility to take action together if we are to prevent catastrophic climate change and achieve a sustainable world.

People are angry at the treatment of the workers at the hands of the police, Vestas management and the government's empty renewables rhetoric. There's been a mini-climate camp supporting the blockade since Tuesday – we’ve already helped to break through police lines and get food to the factory workers, and we're expecting more people who are willing to take more direct action in support of the occupation to arrive over the weekend.

Only last week, Ed Miliband told us that we would see a huge investment in the renewables industry and 600,000 new green jobs. But it's all talk, the government is not pledging any money to save 600 genuine green jobs now. The Climate Camp in support of the Vestas occupation shows that when the government fails, workers and climate activists are coming together to take action."
~ Tracy Ferne, from the Camp for Climate Action

“This is not an issue of political wherewithal, it is an issue of political will. We are not calling Ed Miliband a climate villain just yet, and acknowledge that many of his initiatives for Low Carbon Britain are to be praised: but he has a choice now, either to show real leadership, or to reduce our credibility in the fight against climate change to ridicule. Dropping Vestas is not an option. Nationalise it now.”
~ A member of Workers Climate Action, which helped foment the coming-together of workers, unionists and environmentalists on the Isle of Wight

• Save Vestas Campaign

• Save Our Job's and Possibly Our Local Economy

• Facebook
• Save Vestas Blades UK

• Vidz at YouTube
• Bob Crow joins Vestas workers at their factory occupation – Thu 23 Jul 09
» video:
• Vestas Wind Turbine Factory Occupation – Wed 22 Jul 09
» video:
• Vestas Occupation Solidarity Demo, London – Wed 22 Jul 09
» 3 video playlist:

• News
• Big Green Gathering festival cancelled after 'political pressure' – Mon 27 Jul 09
» report:
• Wind Turbine Plant Workers Protest Job Cuts – Sat 25 Jul 09
» video:

Please do anything and everything you can to help secure the victory our sisters and brothers in occupation so richly deserve.

Up the Revolution,

Tim Dalinian Jones

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