Collapse of the Socialist Alliance

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Mar 30 2004 13:34

It was three years ago and has been blown up out of all proportion. The Czech IWA section issued one statement at the time and at the last IWA Plenary the Czech delegate I spoke to dismissed it as a minor incident.

Why have they links to the Stalinists? I would guess because they want power and the Czech anarchists won't have anything to do with them.

As for more detail the statement by the FSA/IWA was on A-infos I think, but really we should worry about more important things. red n black star

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Mar 30 2004 15:15
october_lost wrote:
Also is there anywhere to read about these events in detail?

like alexa said, abolishing the borders from below, which is a great magazine anyway, although no one seems to have it at the moment...

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Apr 11 2004 16:13

circle A This is nothing new for the S.W.P. trash, they're always stealing other oganisations identities (RESPECT) the annual festival and (COALITION) taken from the anti war movement confused How many times have these shower of shite party gone into a campaign and ruined it?


The Freedom Pass Issue in Hackney, they self appointed their members on a committee as Chair, Secretary and destroying the work being done by activists linked to Disability Hackney etc, etc, and instead of tackling the real issues, they had some prat reading us a poem, at one of the so called Freedom Pass meetings held at Chats Palace when what those people refused the pass really wanted was to have it out with the person from Hackney Council's Social Services Department.

When a large group of pensioners decided to block Mare Street outside Hackney Town Hall, the S.W.P. didn't go out and back them up "NO" what they did was go around trying to sell that rag of theirs.

When real activists decided to force their way into the town hall, where were the S.W.P.? Outside trying to sell papers and get people to part with money which they had no intention of using on the Hackney issues at the time.

These people jump on every band wagon and when they wreck the work of real activists, they fuck off on to something else.

The Harry Stanley Campaign! Where are the S.W.P. now on that issue? They've fucked over the family of Harry Stanley/used them and when there was no more to be gained out of it, they walked away.

In Hammersmith when the then Tory Government decided that they were going to close Charing Cross Hospital on the Fulham Palace Road 1992/3 due to the New Chelsea and Westminster Hospital being brand new, it wasn't any of the major parties that slogged it out or the S.W.Pers, it was local residents that formed the Hands Off Campaign with trade union stewards who had no links to any of the parties mentioned.

The residents kept the S.W.P. out of their campaign and won the day with what they knew about the area they lived in, they were the ones who slogged it out day in day out and an example of this was to bring the M.Ps from both Hammersmith and Fulham (Matthew Carrington Fulham-Tory and Clive Soley-Hammersmith Labour) along to Hammersmith Broadway during rush hour to ask them what would happen if someone had a serious accident here and now with a hospital not five minutes down the road where their life could be saved, only to find out it's shut and the next nearest hospital was Chelsea and Westminster, how the hell would they get any casualties there when they don't even have a helipad on the roof?

Residents stormed the BBC studio's in Wood Lane W12 where a Question Time debate was going on and protested live on television over the Charing Cross Hospital closure and I suppose the only person who wasn't happy that evening was Virginia Bottomley the then Secretary of State for Health who was shown up on live television, where were the S.W.P. that night when we stormed the BBC? embarrassed NOWHERE IN SIGHT!

When local people stand together on an issue that effects each and everyone of them the S.W.Pers always turn up and divide the people due to their political crap and thats what it is total shit and I personally wouldn't wipe my arse with their fucking papers black bloc circle A red n black star