Indian socialism

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Jan 2 2014 14:02
Indian socialism

Some shameless promotion for any visitors who are in search of some real Indian socialists of the non-market non state sort. Based in Kolkata.

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Jan 3 2014 14:45

Interesting up to a point in so far as this grouping had an earlier dialogue and correspondence with the ICT/CWO before moving away from any association with Left Communism and adopting some of the best and worst of the old colonial teachers of the SPGB, though they seem to be more explicitly attached to a form of Marxist decadence theory and some aspects of Marxist crisis theory more common amongst the varieties of Left Communism and their successors than the rest of the companion parties of 'World Socialism'.

If readers are more interested in material relating to the current class struggle and communism in India I'd recommend the 'Gurgaon Workers News' site and their material on libcom.

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Jan 3 2014 15:05

Yeah, Gurgaon Workers News is great.. I also came across a site called Radical Notes who seem pretty good.. lots of good analysis from South Asia generally.. been meaning to get in touch with them to get them to submit stuff to libcom..