Goldsmiths College occupied

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Caiman del Barrio
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Nov 3 2010 18:56
Goldsmiths College occupied


The last one was an electioneering tactic for the SWP...looking at the photos, I don't think i know anyone involved (unfortunately the anarchist group I was involved in burnt out pretty quick).

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Nov 4 2010 14:16

Sorry to clarify, is this occupation primarily an SWP action?

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Nov 4 2010 19:06

I no longer work on campus, so can't be sure, but I was there for a meeting yesterday. Don't know exactly what's going on but I met some guys, who had just left the occupation, in the local pub. I asked them what had been going on- "we've just left the meeting where they were deciding 'the rules'". I asked them when it started- "about an hour ago". I produced a pre-printed flyer with the rules on that I had been handed about 45 minutes previously in the main corridor of the college. Everything seemed pretty predetermined to me. Make of that what you will.

A Greek comrade I met yesterday evening who had been in attendance said "well it was run from top down by socialists- but we must do what we can". Probably the right attitude on this occasion- and anarchists in attendance should push for more democracy, more radicality, and longer occupations.