Black Flag Meeting London 28th March

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Feb 23 2007 08:41
Black Flag Meeting London 28th March

I have organised a meeting at Freedom Bookshop (84B
Whitechapel High Street, Aldgate East is the nearest
tube) at 7pm on Wednesday, the 28th of March.

Obviously, not everyone can make a meeting in London, but
BF does need a collective of people in one place who can
do distribution and so on. If you cannot meet the meeting
but want to get involved please reply and let me know.

If you live outside London, you can still be involved as
I will be organising an editorial collective email list.
Please let me know if you wish to be subscribed to it.

Obviously, if you cannot make the meeting but wish to add
something to the agenda or have thoughts you wish to be
raised, please email them to me and I will make sure they
are discussed.

It is important to stress that we've had plenty of people
expressing an interest in the past but who never actually
did anything. BF will only continue if we get enough
people willing to do actual work (writing, editing, layout,
distribution, webpage maintenance and so forth). Otherwise
BF will not continue. It really is up to you whether it
keeps going or not.

yours in solidarity


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Jacques Roux
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Feb 23 2007 13:29

You need to put date and location in the subject. I have edited it in, but soon I will just start deleting threads who dont bother.

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Mar 5 2007 10:49

I live outside of London but am keen to get involved in anything that is required. Give me an e-mail.

Mike Harman
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Mar 5 2007 10:54

you need to break your e-mail address if you don't want mountains of spam