Black Flag Meeting, London, 9th May

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Apr 19 2007 14:38
Black Flag Meeting, London, 9th May

Black Flag Meeting, London, 9th May

After a relatively successful meeting in March, it looks like Black Flag will be continuing. As decided at that meeting, I have organised a follow-up meeting at Freedom Bookshop (84B Whitechapel High Street, Aldgate East is the nearest tube) at 7pm on Wednesday, the 9th of May.

The aim is to re-launch BF as a magazine at this year’s book fair and aim to get two issues out next year. Hopefully we will be able to get back to quarterly in the following year or so. While we have a small group as the basis for a new collective, it would best if more people get involved. Otherwise our plans may not blossom (and this has happened repeatedly in the past so it is a possibility).

If you cannot meet the meeting but want to get involved please reply and let me know. If you live outside London, you can still be involved. Please contact Black Flag (

yours in solidarity


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May 10 2007 22:13

just interested to know how this meeting went?