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dublin dave
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Mar 11 2007 20:33
Education Workers Bulletin

The Education Workers Network (EWN) held it's 2nd
conference yesterday and decided to launch a bulletin
reporting on the struggles of education workers here
in Britain and internationally. The aim of the
bulletin is to provide information about issues facing
education workers, solidarity to workers in struggle
and to foster moves towards the establishment of an
anarcho-syndicalist education workers union.

We would like it to offer a voice to militant and
libertarian education workers. If you would like to
contribute an article or news story, please send
it to by Saturday
31st March.


Dave (Solidarity Federation: Education Workers Network)

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Mar 11 2007 20:53

have to say, that was the best larger solfed meeting i've been to thi EWN national meeting. Very inspiring, great debate, good mandates with deadlines and checks. Thats how i like to see it done!

If there are any comms who would like to join the EWN email list, please let me know (via private message for instance).

red n black star