Exciting HiC Film Festival - Sat 14th April - 12 noon - 8pm - London - N15

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Exciting HiC Film Festival - Sat 14th April - 12 noon - 8pm - London - N15

Hello peeps

Just a quick shout out on behalf of the lovely people at HiC. (Haringay Independent Cinema) who are part of HSG (Haringay Solidarity Group).

Yes their annual Film Festival is upon us!

It is on:

Sat 14th April 2007 from 12 noon to 8pm (adjourning to the pub after! ).

It is at:

Wood Green Learning Centre
Park View Academy
West Green Road
N15 3RB

Full details (including travel stuff! ) can be found at:



£5 waged, £3 low and unwaged

Oooh so what is happening? Basically it is a mix of screenings, workshops. lectures and discussion with space also to relax and socialise. Light refreshments are available and there are cafes and stuff round the corner. Tea will also be available served in proper mugs and you may - just may! - get a tea served by my own fair hands if you are very very lucky! wink

So which of these entertainments is likely to be of special interest to libcommers?? Well knowing you guys as i do cool the main films are likely to be ones you have seen before (Grapes of Wrath, City of God, Wind the Shakes...) and the techy workshops you guys could prolly run never mind attend! (Making a Film with your Moby, Shooting and Editting a Film shot on your Moby in 2 Hours..) So i suggest the Short Films in Room 1 would prolly be the main attraction. These include...

"The Death of Stalinism in Bohemia " (15 mins) (Surreal anti-State take)
"Darkness Light Darkness (7 mins) (Life under State control)
"Behind the Rent Strike" (50 mins, 1974 Broomfield doc.)
"The 43 Group: The Untold Story of their Fight Against Fascism" (20 mins) (covert anti Mosleyite action)
"Shots on the Docks" (23 mins) (US cops gunning for dockers protesting the Iraq war)

oh and a couple of Black Panter docs made in the late 60s and more...

Full details on the web link I gave (of directors and stuff and all the other docs) or pm me.

Shame the admin. are all tied up that day sad C'est la vie..