GAGGED! #14 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

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Nov 7 2006 22:07
GAGGED! #14 - South Wales Anarchist Newsletter

*** quick reminder - we've got our first benefit gig on friday - ***

GAGGED! #14 November 06 anti-copyright
South Wales Anarchist Newsletter • • PO Box 70, Newport NP20 5XX*
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War Crimes
Ransack Parliment
Guantanamo Burger & Torture Coffee
Did you get a free vegan burger with this gagged!?
Anarchist Black Cross
Cardiff anarchist in prison
Another woman dies in prison
More Crimes. More Prisons?
Ban on masks at protests?
underhand, unreasonable & unapologetic
Swansea Cop denies rape charge
Local Sab Update
From St Petersburg to Heiligendamm
Police free to kill
Police get cut
Council lies go into overdrive
Cardiff Alternative News has returned
Ding dong, the witch is (not quite) dead
New groups

Gagged! can be found in all sorts of strange places around south wales as well as every social centre & radical bookshop in the UK. If there's not a pile of gagged in the corner of your favourite pub, club, cafe, hairdressers, tattooists, record, book, head or anything else shop, get in touch so you can take a pile in yourself! If you want to subscribe to the e-version send an email to More info online at 5000 copies are printed per issue plus several thousand are read online. We’re always in need of more help in production & distribution. Send any articles, pictures, reports, diary dates or offers to help to