Gagged! benefit - Le Pub, Newport - 10th November

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Oct 8 2006 12:23
Gagged! benefit - Le Pub, Newport - 10th November

After pumping out anarchist propaganda for nearly 3 years Gagged! is in desperate need of cash! 5000 copies are printed per issue plus several thousand are read online. We’ve never had a fundraiser before relying on our own underhand means of production(!) & the amazing donations from many fellow activists & well wishers. However if Gagged! is to continue WE NEED A FEW QUID to get the thing printed & posted out.
Gagged! can be found in all sorts of strange places around south wales as well as every social centre & radical bookshop in the UK. (If theres not a pile of gagged in the corner of your favourite pub, club, cafe, hairdressers, tattooists, record, book, head or anything else shop, get in touch so you can take a pile in yourself!)

Never to be one’s to demand money from people we’re gonna bring you two of South Wales’ finest protest singer/songwriters plus the best in knees up rebellious folk-punk in a very cheap gig at one of the best live music venues in the UK, with free food from the greatest vegan kitchen in wales all for a few measly pounds! Come along, bring your friends, drink beer, eat vegan grub & listen to some of the best rabble rousing tunes these parts has got to offer!


dirty, filthy protest folkery pokery to get dancing to!. KilnAboy are Cardiff’s finest exponants of drunken punk-folk From anti-G8 protests to staying up late with 8 flagons of cider! New album ‘Defy The Stars’ out now!
[url='s%20dream.mp3]Malatesta's Dream[/url]
Knock Me Down With A Feather


ex-singer in pop-punkers SHELLY’S CHILDREN Tracy has been enchanting anyone who lisens in her own right for a few years now. Beautiful music for ugly times. Her album ‘If the Moon Could Talk’ is currently available.
I won't wear the union jack
The John Peel Song


former frontman in anarcho-popsters FLANNEL Cosmo is a trooper of the anti-authoritarian protest music movement singing songs of social justice & equality with wit & fervour. Clever, funny & angry as hell! The album “I'm a Suicide Bomber in your Heart’ is still available!
Clash of Civilizations
Suicide Bomber in your heart

Free vegan buffet by eatoutveganwales
All for a mere £4!