Hackney housing meeting - Trelawney Estate Community Hall - Monday 29th January

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Hackney housing meeting - Trelawney Estate Community Hall - Monday 29th January

Stop Hackney Council¹s Plans
to Demolish Our Homes and
Build on our Green spaces!

Hackney Council have announced a plan to demolish homes and build on
"un-used" spaces on our estates. They want to build over 700 new homes on
28 estates. The estates targeted so far are:

Akin Court,Aspland & Marcon,Beecholme,Beck House,Clapton Park,De Beauvoir,Fairbank,Fellows Court,Frampton Park,Gascoyne,Gooch ,ouse/Newcombe House,Haberdasher,Hillcourt,Homeleigh Road,Jack Watts,Linzell,Lordship North,Milton Gardens,Morris Blitz,Nye Bevan,Parkside,St Johns/Cranston,St Leonards,Sandford Court,Suffolk,Trelawney,Wenlock Barn,Yorkshire Grove.

The council wants to sell off Œunder-used spaces¹ on estates . By
"under-used" the council basically means "not making money" - it is clear
that many of the sites they are targeting are green or open spaces and

Our estates are already over-crowded * we see these spaces as vital to our
community. Any sites that are
"under-used" should be made into
gardens or play areas for those already
living on that estate.

If you are targeted for demolition the council can decant tenants to
another estate and use Compulsory Purchase Orders to buy out leaseholders.
When tenants are 'decanted' it doesn¹t
necessarily mean they will be moved to another estate - they could be put in
a bed-and-breakfast, hostel, other temporary accommodation or moved out of
the borough. When Holly Street was "regenerated" only 10% of the original
tenants were left by the end.

Any new homes that are built won¹t be council housing. They will be sold off
to Housing Associations to build so-called "affordable housing". Affordable
Housing is officially aimed at households on an income of between £20,000
and £30,000, meaning it is not affordable to pensioners, unemployed people,
or any of Hackney¹s thousands of low-paid workers. Housing Associations are
not accountable to the public * they don¹t offer tenants the same secure
lease as the council, and they tend to have
higher rents. They are often run like big businesses and represent a form of
privatisation. Also, the plan is for at least 3 out of every 10 new homes
built on our estates to be for private sale: for homeowners or high renters.

If this plan goes ahead estates will be divided between separate landlords *
The Council and the Housing Assocations. Residents on Nightingale estate
can tell you what a nightmare this is, with the various landlords forever
bickering with each other as to whose responsibility it is to clean the
playground, fund the old folks¹ club etc.

Hackney Council say that residents will be consulted about this plan * but
only after the plans have been made! Many of us know what the Council mean
by consultation - loads of meetings where you tell them your views only to
be ignored. The Council says that
redevelopment work will not go ahead on any estate where residents oppose it
but a council report into the plan states that "extra funds" will be put
into the
targeted estates to "assist residents to consent." * in other words they are
trying to bribe residents into going along with their privatising agenda!
What could also happen is that estates that don¹t accept the privatisation
and sell offs might not get their Decent Homes work done.

In making this plan the council has
discovered a way to get round the
limited amount of rights that tenants have to prevent their homes being
privatised. If the Council proposes to transfer your home to a Housing
Association via "stock transfer", then it has to hold a ballot - if tenants
vote "No", they can not go ahead. However, if the council proposes to
demolish your home, "decant" you elsewhere, and sell the land to an Housing
Association to build on, then you have no such right to a vote!

The council are referring to our open spaces and estates as "infill
opportunities". How many of our Councillors live on one of these 28 estates?
All the affected estates must stand together to oppose these
measures. We need a campaign to show Hackney that we wont let them get away
with their underhand and undemocratic proposals.

Public Meeting to oppose the Council¹s Plans:
7pm Monday 29th January
Trelawney Estate Community Hall

Trelawney Estate is on Morning Lane, opposite Tesco and close to the
junction with Mare Street.
This meeting has been called by the TRAs of Trelawney Estate and Aspland &
Marcon and is open to all concerned residents across the borough- we must
fight these proposals together as the Council wants to try and sneak this
through estate by estate! For further information contact 020 7254 3057

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