ICC forum: the working class is an immigrant class

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Jan 12 2007 15:00
ICC forum: the working class is an immigrant class

ICC Public forum

The working class is an immigrant class

Saturday 20 January 2007

2.00 pm, Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1

Nearest tube Holborn

Once upon a time it was only Thatcher and the extreme right that talked about Britain being 'swamped' by immigrants. In the 21st century supposedly 'respectable' politicians, while praising traditional British 'tolerance', warn of the consequences of growing migration patterns. Meanwhile, the left argue about whether 'multiculturalism' has failed, while warning about the fascist menace that lurks round every corner.

What's the reality of global migration today? Hundreds of millions of people have been forced to take refuge from conflict, disease, disasters or poverty. When they reach countries that are not directly affected by war or with economies that are stronger rather than weaker, there are strict restrictions against entry, and, if they get in, they are treated as a source of cheap labour while being abused as an 'alien' presence within the 'host' society.

This is the situation world-wide, which only differs in the details of the campaigns round migration, race, ethnicity and religion. Anti-racism is posed against racism, secularism against religion, ethnic identity against social conformity. In Britain Blair says that everyone must conform to the values imposed by the capitalist state. The response of the left is to defend national, ethnic, religious particularities against working class unity.

In our public meeting we want to put forward the communist, internationalist position against all the ideological campaigns run by the various factions of the ruling class. Where the dominant ideas in society have the effect of dividing the population into so many different competing sectors, the interests of the working class are only served by what brings us together, what unites us in solidarity against capitalism, and for a society which serves the needs of humanity rather than exploitation, oppression and lies.

Format of meeting: short presentation followed by open discussion

All welcome!

Jason Cortez
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Jan 12 2007 16:49

Oh come on, FFS "The working class is an immigrant class" so are all classes. Look big up internationalism and all, but you will have do a lot better than a left communism version of 'black and white, untie and fight!'

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Jan 12 2007 17:05

I hope your meeting formats have changed since the last time I attended an ICC presentation. Your group made a lasting impression upon me as something akin to a religious sect. After the presentation the speaker asked for comments and it became quickly clear that this part of the meeting was for
a) ICC members to practice making their own mini-presentations and to ask leading questions to the main presenter and
b) to cajole non-members into saying anything that might provide an opportunity to advance the 'hard as steel, clear as glass' paradigm.
All a bit sad, and something I have no wish to repeat.

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Jan 12 2007 19:07

Pissed etc: I don't know what meeting you're talking about but we certainly don't have the idea of 'questions first, then discussion' which you find at leftist meetings. We go straight to discussion in which anyone can raise their own points; it is extremely rare for ICC members to ask questions of their own presenters. You may have mistaken ICC members with people who are close to us politically and may well have come to ask questions of the ICC. We encourage people to speak, not with the idea of showing off our clarity but with the aim of clarification, which is rather different.

Please come and tell us how to 'do better', Jason.

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Jan 12 2007 19:26

I had posted but did not realise that alf had so have tried to delete mine (can you not delete a post?). Sorry

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Jan 12 2007 20:28

The working class is much more a class of immigrants than the bourgeoisie.

Its historical origins were in the peasantry fleeing feudal repression and then, once capitalism began to take off, being driven off the land. There are clear parallels in the "economic migrants" of today.

As for the comments about ICC meetings, I've attended quite a few and I've never seen ICC militants ask rhetorical questions of the presenters. Everyone is encouraged to make their own points and priority is often given at the later stages of the meeting for people who have not yet spoken to state their positions and critique the statements that have been made so far.