London Social Forum - Divided City

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London Social Forum - Divided City

The Main session will be the "LONDON CAMPAIGN ROUNDUP - COMMUNITIES IN RESISTANCE" with speakers from the Broadway Market campaign, the campaign to save Queens Market in Newham, people from the Dale farm travellers community, and activists from Dalston. This session will be chaired by Dave Morris from HSG. Start time, around around 4.30. (people will be pleased to know that there will be a No-Borders stall at Limehouse on Sunday).

On Monday 2nd October, there will be an action in the morning in Central London, as part of an international Day of Direct Action on Housing & Landrights, on what will be World Habitat Day 2006. Details of meeting points ..etc will be revealed at the Sunday event.

Divided City
Open Forum on speculation, housing, land and social rights Sunday October 1, 2006, 12.30pm-6 pm Limehouse Town Hall,
646 Commercial Road, London E14 7HA Organised by the London Social Forum

The Programme:

12.30 Session-1: with:
Doreen Massey (Open University): London as Financial Hub
Ana Sugranyes (Habitat International Coalition): Social Impacts on Habitat
Sebastian Mueller (Dortmund University): Impacts of privatisation and
Fred Harrison (Land Research Trust): The Property Bubble
+ time for Open discussion

14.00 Session-2: Privatisation, Development and Large-Scale Speculation, with
Chris Shirley Smith (Independent Water Consultant): Thames Water
Martin Slavin (Journalist): Impact of 2012 Olympics on London
Knut Unger: European global investments
+ time for Open Discussion

14.45 Workshops
- The Lea Valley, impact of the Olympics, Gentrification and Displacement
- Networking on Housing Rights and Finance

15.45 Workshops
- London Effect on Property Markets
- A Right to Land, with Dale Farm travellers, Grattan Puxon from the Roma
Federation, Maggie Smith (Romany Gypsy Council tbc) and Simon Fairlie (The
Land is Ours/Chapter-7)

16.45 Open Forum (including):
- Introduction to Urban Watch and Mapping (Citymine(d), NodeL), L-Atlas,
Cartograhy of Resistance, Violation Database and Real Estate Corporate

- London Campaign Roundup

- The Democratic Deficit, including speakers on:
Democratic Audit (Manchester Open City), Sustainable
Communities Bill (Steve Shaw), Inclusive dialogue on rural inhabitants,
farmers and public lands and Perspectives from the South (Angie Balata)
and the North (Simon Fairlie)

18.30 Summing Up and Close

Films and food at Ramparts in the evening.

The Open Forum is free to all, but participants will be asked for a
donation to help cover costs. Food and refreshments will be provided,
including Zapatista coffee.

Trains: DLR Limehouse or Westferry; c2c from Barking, West Ham and
Fenchurch Street.
Tube: Mile End (Central, Metropolitan, District lines) and then a 277, D6,
or D7 bus; or, Aldgate (Circle, Metropolitan) or Aldgate East
(Metropolitan, District) and then a 15, or 115 bus.
Buses: 15, 115 (from Paddington station, Aldgate tube, East Ham); 395
(from Surrey Quays tube), D3 (Isle of Dogs, Bethnal Green); 277 (from
Highbury and Islington tube via Dalston Junction, Mare Street and Mile End
tube), D6 (from Mare Street via Bethnal Green and Mile End tube), D7 (Mile
tube and Poplar).

On Sunday 1st October, Limehouse Town Hall - in the shadow of Canary Wharf
- will be host to an event called "Divided City Open Forum" on the effect
of financial speculation in the City of London on housing and the
community's right to live.

Through short presentations and a series of workshops, the necessities of
residence, democratic deficit and resistance to global corporate finance
and evictions will feature heavily, with guests from as far away as Chile
and Egypt (Cairo Housing and Land Rights Network). There will also be a
session on the impact of the 2012 Olympics on London and the effect of
development in the Lea Valley. Workshops include 'Networking on Housing
Rights [and privatisation]', and 'A Right to Land' with campaigners from
the travelling community and the Land is Ours land rights campaign.

The final session of the Open Forum will examine solutions to corporate
domination and community struggles, including the Local Communities Bill,
systems of democratic audit, and the broader context. In terms of the
latter, we will explore the concept of democracy and relate the
effectiveness of constructing alternative methodologies of accountability
within an economic system where human and material exchanges are grounded
in enclosures, as in the privatisation of public utilities such as water
and health/education/transport systems. We will refer to the underlying
neoliberal agenda, which deepens and intensifies the market economy and
breeds both prosperity and exclusion, in both urban and rural contexts.

The conference is free to all, but participants will be asked for a
donation to help cover costs.

Campaigners are mooting plans for a demonstration at an unspecified
location in London on Monday October 2nd, as part of an international day
of action on housing and land rights, on what will be World Habitat Day