National Student Faslane 365 organising meeting - London - Sat 24th Feb 7pm

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Feb 9 2007 16:28
National Student Faslane 365 organising meeting - London - Sat 24th Feb 7pm

To organise a mass student protest at the Faslane nuclear base in the summer

7-9pm Friends meeting house Euston Road London


As I'm sure you know Tony Blair's government are currently deciding on
whether to repalce the Trident nuclear missile system. I'm sure you'll agree
this is tottaly wrong, and we need to do everything we can to prevent
Britain wasting £76bn on an illegal, immoral and pointless weapons system.

We're trying to organise a mass student protest at the Faslane nuclear base
(where Trident is kept) in the summer - a mix of protest, discussion,
training and driect action. We have a beautiful campsite sorted just a few
minutes away from the Faslane nuclear base, with woods and a stream. The
plan is to get as many people camping there for five. We'll maintain a
continuous precesene at the base gates, with as many blockading groups as
possible. Back at the camp we'll organise workshops, debates and training on
nuclear weapons and peace issues. There's plenty of scope for this (and the
protesting) to include all sorts of arty, crafty dramary stuff. Nothing's
been decided yet so there's plenty of space for new ideas! The dates are
28th June - 3rd July.

We're really keen to get as many students from all over the country as
possible,but that will only happen if we get groups starting to organise
themselves now. There's also a lot ot be done on the central organisation of
the camp / blockade. Would you be willing to be a contact point for your
University, and organise a group of students from your area? It sounds like
quite a daunting task, but it gets much easier once you get a few people
keen to help you, and can be really fun. We can offer you help and advice -
we organised a student group going up from Oxford last term, and learnt a
lot from the experience. Basically the first thing to do is organise a
meeting / event to promote it - this could just be a meeting in a pub, or
get a room in your uni and invite someone who knows about Nuclear weapons /
Faslane to come and talk (we have contacts for a lot of people that would be
happy to do this). Then publicise this event and get loads of people to come

We're having a meeeting on the 24th February in London (after the Stop the War /
Not Trident march), and it would be great if you could come along. The meeting
is from 7 till about 9, in the Quaker Friends meeitng house near Euston station
(see a map). We'll
also be taking part in the march earlier that day (starts 12 at Hyde Park), so
if you're around and want to meet up with us then give me a call/email!

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Feb 12 2007 23:56



Gather 12noon at Hyde Park corner to march against Trident replacement as part of national protest.

Planning meeting at 6.30pm, 9pm finish.
Westminster Friends Meeting House,
52 St. Martin's Lane, WC2N 4EA
- just off Trafalgar Sq -