Peruvian: Anarchist journal "Qhispikay" No.2

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Jacques Roux
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Mar 6 2007 19:21
Peruvian: Anarchist journal "Qhispikay" No.2

This via anarkismo - does anyone know if any of the content is online anywhere in english?

The second issue of the official journal of the Grupo Qhispikay Llaqta from Lima, Peru, is finally available. Grupo Qhispikay Llaqta maintains its lines of ideas and action within the organized and revolutionary anarchist movement, seeking to support and stimulate social, popular struggle within the current social and political context. Here follows a summary of the articles in this issue:

* Editorial: Clarifying certain points
* Solidarity with the people of Haiti
* The theatre and Social Revolution
* Analysis of the 2006 regional and municipal elections in Peru
* The death penalty - a return to barbarity
* Oaxaca suffering from State terror
* Feminism: 8 March - Women of the world, let's organize ourselves!
* When Self-Management becomes necessary and real - a short report from a self-managing community in Lima
* The struggle of the Asociación de Pobladoras y Pobladores Sin Techo (Homeless People's Association) in Chile
* Globalization in Peru and the libertarian movement
* Pukayana Theory: Biography of and articles by the Peruvian anarchist Manuel Caracciolo Lévano
* Social and political tension in Michiquillay - Cajamarca
* Short news items from home and abroad
* Libertarian ABC and more.

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Joseph Kay
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Mar 7 2007 11:46

i think the title is Quechua not spanish (well the 'Grupo' is spanish), though i assume the journal would be in spanish since quechua isn't really a written language i don't think (it was transcribed by europeans phonetically with a western alphabet iirc) ... would be interesting to read - especially the elections analysis because i was there then, though my spanish would be blind to naunce.

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Mar 7 2007 20:09
A mediados de este ao 2006 hicimos una cambio de nombre en nuestro colectivo, usando ahora el de Grupo Qhispikay Llaqta (en lengua quechua y en castellano La Libertad del Pueblo) como una manera de seguir en la lucha desde un enfoque ms popular y anticapitalista, rescatando nuestra cultura no como un nacionalismo trasnochado sino como una respuesta frente a lo alienante.

According to this Qhispikay Llaqta is Quechua for Freedom of the People.