Prol-Position-News #8 out now!

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Apr 26 2007 19:13
Prol-Position-News #8 out now!
You can read all articles at and also download the newsletter as a printable pdf-file


- *Editorial* (see below)
- *Misery is relative – Reports from Temp Workers in Germany* (Temp Work and Minimum Income, Opel/GM Bochum, Nokia Bochum, Flextronics Paderborn, Gate Gourmet Duesseldorf, Construction Site Duisburg, Conclusions)
- "...*got the taste for it*". Book on 6 month-strike at Gate Gourmet/Germany
- *Precarious, but not resigned*! Temp workers' strike at Citroen/France
- *The Eastern Blocked*. Wage pressure in Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Russia
- *Brazilian Oil Rigging*. Brazilian oil worker bumps into Berlin activist engaged in Indian car workers' solidarity
- "*We wanted to make history*". Strike at Bosch-Siemens Washing Machine Factory (BSH) in Berlin, Germany (Chronology, Conclusions, Conversations)
- *Porto Marghera - The last firebrands*. DVD about strikes and social movements in Italy in the 1960s and 70s
- *Gurgaon Workers' Newsletter*, India. Short presentation, website, email
- *Links*