London: Swimming up the Fleet - 25/02/07 - Blackfriars

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Jason Cortez
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Feb 6 2007 13:55
London: Swimming up the Fleet - 25/02/07 - Blackfriars


hello there companeros and others.

To celebrate the possible birthday of Ret Marut, aka famously anti-famous revolutionary author B Traven... the south london nautical history armada will be setting sail up the Fleet River on Sunday 25th of February. The Fleet of course has nothing to do with B Traven. In this spirit of irrelevance we will be tracing the route of the Fleet, now submerged and seweraged beneath the city streets, channelling the underground flood and streaming consciousness about the murky depths of the places it lurches past:
"Seepings from Butchers' stalls, dung, guts and blood;Drowned puppies, stinking sprats,all dressed in mud,Dead cats and turnip-tops come tumbling down the flood."

Some of us may be mumbling constantly about some obscure stuff we know about of the Fleet past present and future, but anyone with even a rumour of a hint of history is invited to come along and butt in rudely. Anyone wishing to dig up sections of the river should arm themselves accordingly.
We will paddle as far as we can, aiming for hampstead where the Fleet staggers into being, but we probably won't get that far. We can always carry on another time.

MEETING PLACE: Blackfriars Bridge, North bank, east side, right above the river...

DATE: SUNDAY 25th February 2007

TIME: 12pm, ie Low Noon.

NEAREST STATION:Blackfriars tube and overground station is round the corner.

BRING: Inappropriate clothing, bad shoes, spoiled food, unhip flasks.

The South London Radical History Group reserves the right to trespass into North London (so-called. Pah!) at any time, whenever it wants. Just try and stop us.

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Jason Cortez
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Feb 6 2007 14:10

sorry sad