Common Ground Community Garden - eviction resistance! Wed 20th June, 9.30am, Reading

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Jun 17 2007 21:26
Common Ground Community Garden - eviction resistance! Wed 20th June, 9.30am, Reading

// Common Ground Community Garden Eviction Resistance!



// Meet at 9.30am, in Common Ground Garden, through the alleyway next to the Womens Information Centre, at the bottom of Silver Street, Reading.

// Contact readingantig8(AT) for info


They left the land to rot, covered in trash and needles. They hope the buildings will fall down, so they can justify flogging to the highest bidder. They hope to see more unnafordable prison-block apartments. Reading Borough Council call it development, regeneration. We call it gentrification, exclusion. Just profit and power.

The land is ours. We occupied it, we cleared it, we worked it and we made it bloom. We recycled and re-used, and on our squatted land we created sanctuary from the rampant capitalism of Reading. Our friends, family and neighbours chipped in, and through direct-action and self-organisation, we created a community garden in our neighbourhood, Katesgrove. The land is ours? Well, not exactly. The land is nobody's, because it is everybody's. And so we called it Common Ground.

On 19th May, we opened the garden to the public. We invited our friends, families and neighbours. Embarassed and scared, the Council tried to stop us. Their court gave them an injunction against us, making it illegal to open the garden. So, we informed our community and re-invited em. Fuck the injunction! 200 people came and enjoyed the garden that day, laughing at the Council and meeting others people who think the same things they do. Even the media told the truth about us.

Then the Council got their injunction extended. They told us it was illegal to open our garden at all and they want 'their' land back. They dont understand, it has never been theirs, they were just looking after it for us. And since they don't do a very good job, we've found a better use for it. For ourselves, our neighbours and local workers, for young and old, the garden is open everyday. So, now they say they will take it back by force, and demolish our garden and give it to the rich. Their courts have given them the law, and their thugs will evict us on Wednesday morning - if they can...

For us, existance is resistance - and Common Ground Community Garden exists. Our self-organisation and direct-action exists. On Wednesday and forever, our resistance exists. Demonstrate, barricade, blockade, occupy - we will resist in different ways, because 'we' is made of different people, and now hopefully will include one more - you.

In Love n Rage,
Some gardeners.

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Jun 19 2007 09:50

best of luck guys red n black star