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Aug 1 2012 15:56

I like libcom the way it is, as, well, I never got to know "the old one" though I was around during the Aufheben thing (however I have no position on it).

This site is basically a gold mine and the best there is when it comes to solid as fuck libertarian communism. We have a lot of excellent posters around here who know their shit and compared to other sites, the bullshit to quality ratio is damn fucking low. It could be a bit more active and I wish it were used more by other nationalities besides US and English, but that is not a problem of libcom but mirrors the state of "the milieu" in general, so it can't really be helped I guess.

If you come here to get your news or learn something, libcom is fucking ace... to fuck around, maybe not so much because it's always the same faces around here. tongue

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Aug 1 2012 16:05

I concur with George, and I think no1 is spot on with his analysis of why the forums are less active.

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Fall Back
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Aug 1 2012 16:09
georgestapleton wrote:
God I must be a boring fuck. Not only do I post on an internet forum, but I think the forum has improved when it seems most people think it has got more boring.

I honestly think it has really dramatically improved over the last two years.

I think both can be true. The site probably is more boring. It's also a lot better as a political forum. Personally, I don't spend time, money and effort on the site to take the piss, have a laugh with mates, fuck about, call people cunts etc. I can do that on Twitter. Sure, I enjoy those things, and I find them more interesting than politics, but it's not what we run the site for.

I think there's a lot of stuff still to be done in this direction before the site is anywhere near it's potential (forums sidelined more, a few shit posters fucked off etc), but as a direction, I'm pretty much happy with it.

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klas batalo
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Aug 1 2012 21:06

I think the stuff about FB/twitter is right on. Lately in US political organizations we've seen a move away from forums (ABC down) and our own internal listservs, with discussion happening all over the place on FB. I know the younger generation mostly has these types of discussions on tumblr, which is essentially the new livejournal. Long term I'd be interested in getting the North American audience more involved in, I'd even be supportive of getting US posters from recomp, etc on the editorial board. I think trying to internationalize the site as much as possible will effectively help with these issues.

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Aug 2 2012 11:47
sabotage wrote:
I'd even be supportive of getting US posters from recomp, etc on the editorial board


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Aug 5 2012 01:55

People have brought up the issue of the new design looking like the BBC. It's true it does look like the BBC site, but is that a problem? I guess I'm asking why that even matters? The BBC probably spent hours of labour and focus groups settling on a design that meets the needs of users (it's the in thing to do in information science at the moment), so surely it's actually a good thing that libcom is similar?

Is the issue that the BBC is a capitalist media tool or something? Maybe I'm missing something?

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Aug 5 2012 09:24

No one cares that it looks like the BBC, it was a mere observation, the substantive discussion is about other things.

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Aug 5 2012 11:03

Cool, thanks for the clarification. It's just come up a lot in other threads

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jef costello
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Aug 7 2012 14:48

The forums are a lot quieter now.
I am not sure if I'd go as far as choccy but there is certainly a lot less active posting now, to be honest it'd be hard for me to name 'active' posters. In some ways this is good, but it does mean that if I was looking for political discussion I wouldn't go to libcom. I also think that comments not being made is not a new problem. One of the reasons I gave up posting news was that I had no idea if anyone was actually reading any of it it and comments were few and far between. Obviously you can't comment on everything and when the forums had lots of posts it was partly because a lotof people had net access and were just messing around on here. But it drew people here to an extent and as wel as the fucking about there would be serious discussions, not always well distinguished, but a lot of good all the same. I'd also be interested to see our demographics and if libcom has actually succeeded in drawing younger people or if they are all on facebook. I remember posters like button joking about the young age of libcom posters, I'm not sure if that is the case now.
I'm not sure where a redesign fits in to be honest. You need a big pool of people posting news/blogs in order to keep it interesting and you need discussion over these topics. I'm not sure how to get either of these things.