SEO to push national anarchists articles from google 1st page

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Sep 21 2009 07:53
SEO to push national anarchists articles from google 1st page


When I googled "anarchists and crisis" the national "anarchists" website was third wih an article about stopping immigration (how anti-authoritarian!). It got me thinking about a strategy to knock them off the first page of google. My SEO understanding is limited but one way would be for libcom which is a highly rated site to use the same keywords in their news or library posts as the national "anarchists" . Therefore writing/renaming a dozen or so articles which have the words "anarchists" and "crisis" in the title as well as the URL obviously. In addition to this, mention the keywords in the first H1 element of the article and the following P tag.



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Sep 21 2009 08:38

SEO = search engine optimisation

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jef costello
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Sep 21 2009 10:02

Libcom itself couldn't do that because google is designed to stop one website having more than one or two results on a page. For example if you google 'libcom' the first result is and the second is the forums.
What you need is for all the existing anarchist websites to become more popular. which can be done.

I've also just googled anarchist and anarchism and neither search had natonal anarchists on the first page.

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Sep 21 2009 10:12

Jack's suggestion should work.

A complementary tactic could be to write some articles about "national anarchists" that expose the fraud they are, and then googlebombing that among anarchists. Wouldn't hurt to deal with Hakim Bey and "anarcho-capitalism" at the same time.

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Sep 21 2009 12:31

While I think that this sort of thing can be very useful to do (and something we have put a lot of effort into with libcom, getting our pages near the top of Google), I think the search terms anarchists and crisis are not commonly used ones enough to bother with.

Having a look at Google trends, combining the words anarchists, anarchist, anarchism and crisis all say they don't have enough searches to have any data on. So I think the terms are probably too obscure to bother with. That combination of words hasn't been used to generate any significant number of referrals to libcom from search engines either.

But yes, it would be good to do something like this to boost the positioning of actual anarchist websites for the search terms "national anarchism", because searching for that mostly national anarchist websites show up, whereas it would be good to have a decent critique of national anarchism show up near the top in Google.

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Sep 21 2009 12:38

The strange hing is that the national anarchists only turn up if you include the word 'and' in the search, but not if you simply search for 'anarchists crisis'

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Sep 21 2009 12:49

Somebody we know "positioned" the Workers' Initiative page using some tricks that are both not very ethical to use and may backfire. I won't describe them here but somebody can PM me for details.

There are many things which raise your rating. Speaking about NAs on places like libcom, or linking to them could possibly raise their ratings. Of course if you conduct negative propaganda and your page is highly rated, these types of articles may appear above theirs, which would be good.

Probably the best way to combat this would be to make an anti-national anarchist site with really harsh criticisms. There was something like this about 10 years ago (a member of the IWW was making it) an a European network of people dealing with this issue, but neither project exists anymore.