Airports Work Experience

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Apr 1 2012 13:43
Airports Work Experience

There hasn't been much of interest on 'The Commune' website lately but I thought this short insight from a comrade of mine was worth a mention. Reminded me a bit of some of the reports the old UK Solidarity magazines used to print.

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Apr 1 2012 16:54

The Commune has put out pretty good accounts like that in the past, the one about working at Clapham Grand comes to mind. And I've liked the Recomposition ones they've put out.

The resolve of these is always impressive, or maybe it's more of a necessity to pay the bills and rent. I'm fighting the urge to quit shit jobs after a day or two.

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Apr 1 2012 21:40

London Solidarity* was influential for some of us US anarcho-syndicalists, in the sense they put out first-person accounts of struggle. Their various industry special bulletins were usually pretty good. Still have a bunch of them and still refer to them from time to time. "News & Letters" would have a "Workers Correspondence" page in their monthly newspaper. We tried to mimic those styles a bit in our newsletter, found them good in helping to build the bridge between ideas and practice and at efforts to build networks with others in our industries.

For what it's worth, I figured I'd try to get a conversation (where the practical hits the road, so to speak) discussion going here:
I don't have much anticipation that folks will participate, but you never know.

Anyway, good stuff and always good to see a contemporary style of this carry on.