An anarchist life

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Sep 4 2011 19:14
An anarchist life

A collective I am part of is thinking of donating some cash to this project.

But before we do that we'd like to find out if they're legit. Does anyone know anything about the film makers?

Any info appreciated.


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Sep 21 2011 00:28

I am one of the authors. You can ask us directly your questions. You can also have a look at our last doc
If you need more references, let us know.
In november we will have an article in the anarchist review A Rivista to promote the fund raising and the project itself, and we are about to start a cycle of presentations of the new edition of the book by Claudio Venza, historian and anarchist militant, on Umberto Tommasini, called "Un fabbro anarchico- an anarchist blacksmith".
You can look up in at my personal cv
thanks for your interest
ivan bormann