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Apr 23 2006 14:51

What do you think about this?

If us native English speakers were to restrict ourselves to the above vocab, I'm sure our friends and comrades who aren't so practiced would gain in terms of comprehension. Furthermore, I'm sure that with a bit of collaboration the words themselves could be put on the libcomglossary wiki, along with any requests for simple (ie; basic-english) definitions of political terminology.

Click below on www to access libcomglossary.

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Apr 24 2006 03:28

OK, as an example I've translated the above post into basic-english.

If us natural English saying persons were to limit ourselves to the above word-list, I'm certain

our friends and comrades who aren't so frequent English saying persons would be more certain of what we say.

( I won't repeat the point about collaboration, anyone interested in this project can go here and access

the software 'IDP Companion' - see first link above post, go to home)

Any request for a clear outline of a political name could be put on the libcomglossary wiki.

(see 'comrades' example -

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jef costello
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Apr 27 2006 02:06

basic english can be difficult to understand because it ignores the rules of grammar.

If you write in understandable english then that will help our comrades who have english as a second language. We should also try to be understanding to our comrades who have English as a second language,

I think that it would be better to try to write posts that are easy to understand, basic English is not clear enough to be used for important communications. Basic English also seems to be patronising.