Need support for harassment hearing tomorrow

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Jul 19 2017 17:52
Need support for harassment hearing tomorrow

Tomorrow, my partner is attending a hearing regarding a sexual harassment suit she has brought against a former employer. This Corp has done everything in there power to shame, defame and blacklist her since she was forced out of her position by threats of violence and general burnout tactics. She could use some resources and support as they are going to insult and humiliate her all through the hearing as an intimidation tactic, and to show that she is unstable or whatever other sexist shit that happens in these things. So if you will, link to inspirational texts or just words of well wishes, she'll be reading my account all day and night. Thanks.

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Jul 19 2017 20:55

Best wishes and good luck for tomorrow. That you've got this far with it demonstrates how strong you are already. Don't let the bastards grind you down tomorrow.

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Jul 19 2017 22:16

Just to say best of luck!

I'm afraid it's a bit short notice to say anything useful, and to give any useful tips/resources I would need some additional info which I'm not going to be able to get by tomorrow.

I would ask what sort of hearing is it, an internal grievance hearing, a tribunal/court hearing, mandatory arbitration etc?