Putin, Assad, SYRIZA

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Jan 27 2015 04:07
Putin, Assad, SYRIZA

Leftist statism is not only recession in the economy, and factories managed by a corrupt bureaucracy, but a dictatorship. Ask the representatives of the left party SYRIZA, won the elections in Greece. Here's what they said in an interview with the news Agency RIA Novosti. Representative of SYRIZA Alexis Mitropoulos said:

"In Russia you know the process of liquidation of the state - the period of Yeltsin - and reconstruction - the period of Putin, so now your great country begins again to play its historic role. The same process of reconstruction will be done by the government of SYRIZA and recover under state and public control are all necessary for the functioning of the state and society" (1).

This is the coalition: Putin, Assad, SYRIZA

1. http://ria.ru/world/20150121/1043625143.html