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Dec 29 2016 10:12
Red Jack appreciation thread

The title says it all really; just wanted somewhere to post my appreciation for all the amazing books, articles, etc. that red jack has posted recently on African politics and history. It all looks really interesting.

In particular, I'm looking forward to reading the following articles on the Black Consciousness Movement (which we studied in passing at school but didn't really focus too much on):
Black Consciousness 1977-1987: The dialectics of liberation in South Africa
The Intellectual Foundations of the Black Consciousness Movement
Collaboration and Debate in the ‘Durban Moment’: Steve Biko, Richard Turner and the politics of Black Consciousness, 1970-1974

The article 'From people's politics to state politics' also looks really good, as does the stuff on worker-poet, Alfred Temba Qabula.

So yeah, thanks red jack. And if anyone's not seen what they've added I suggest they check it out asap!

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Jan 3 2017 11:31

Sorry I've been away for a few days but just to echo this, absolutely amazing stuff!

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Jan 3 2017 17:35

I think the stuff that the comrade but up is interesting and certainly time consuming at doing.
So hats off and cudos for that

While I may have different views than Juan, I think he did a tremendous job in getting a variety if hard to view items up and online. So I would really think a general appreciation
for his work and those of the libcom collective are in order

So, hats off to all red, Juan, Steve and all others who have made the lib com library unique and informative

Thank you all