Shanyrak squatters being evicted, London Kazakh Emb. picket

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Apr 24 2006 19:14
Shanyrak squatters being evicted, London Kazakh Emb. picket

i'm sad to see zero libertarian presence in Central Asia (from what i can tell). but i must give it up to the Trotskyists for at least trying to help local residents of the squatters' neighborhood "Shanyrak" to fight against eviction by City authorities:

Police and bulldozers repelled by shanty town residents

Kazakh embassy picketted in London on April 20, 2006:

London Embassy picket defends Shanyrak residents

Here're 2 articles in Russian from a group that calls itself the Socialist Resistance of Kazakhstan and is affiliated to the Trotskyist CWI based in London:

photos of SRK activists fighting with police & being arrested at Shanyrak residents' defense rally:

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Apr 24 2006 20:42
Kazakstan: Trouble in Suburbia

Institute for War & Peace Reporting

By Gulmira Arbabaeva in Almaty (RCA No. 443, 14-Apr-06)

The Almaty mayor's office says many homes in outlying districts are illegal, but knocking them down will affect some of the city's poorest.

p.s. i wouldn't call Shanyrak "suburbia" because in the west that has the connotation of a comfortable middle class lifestyle... Shanyrak is a Shanty Town -- see the photos above. Some of the Almaty's poorest residents built their homes with whatever means they had without any gov't or other aid.

incidentally, the word "SHANYRAK" refers to the top part of the structure of a "yurt" (traditional Central Asian nomadic tent). here's a pic:

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Jul 19 2006 22:14

All is not what it seems. My brother-in-law has been building his new home there. He has a bank loan and a bill of sale for the property. I have even sent him money to help with the construction. Now he has nothing but a payment to the bank and no house.

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Jul 19 2006 22:16

hmm interesting stuff, cheers freedum!