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Rory Reid
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Feb 6 2017 18:47
SWP front groups(UK)

I considered writing an article but maybe could just list it instead?

(Note: link to these sites does not imply endorsement of these sites politics or anything else)

Stand up to racism -



Anti-Nazi League

Love Music Hate Racism?

Unite Against Fascism

Stop the war coalition:-

"STWC had a Steering Group, made up of representatives from different organisations, which met regularly. However, according to Mike Podmore, who was on the Steering Group himself in 2003, the SWP “orchestrated these meetings completely” with dissenting views “argued or shouted down.” James O’Nions, a former member of the SWP and member of the Steering Group, agrees with Podmore. For O’Nions, the Steering Group:

Was run a bit like any Socialist Workers Party conference. You had a member of the SWP central committee give a spiel about what we should think about a certain thing, and then there would be a discussion.  But there was no common attempt to find a solution. Rather the solution had already been agreed, and the session was about the officers of the Stop the War Coalition winning over everyone else to what they wanted and trying to get people to mobilise them around it. That is how the SWP operate basically."  or "Mike Marqusee, a veteran activist and press officer with STWC from 2001-3, goes further:
They [the SWP] used methods to isolate or exclude people or discredit people who were questioning their leadership that are not acceptable, including smearing people, misrepresenting them and whispering things about them that weren’t true."

-from , http://www.newleftproject.org/index.php/site/article_comments/the_stop_t...

Unite the Resistance



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Feb 6 2017 23:19

Unite Against Fascism still hangs around like a bad smell.

I believe Stop the War is more affiliated with Counterfire now.

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Fall Back
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Feb 7 2017 10:04

-ANL is defunct (merged into UAF).
-UAF mostly just has a Web presence now - where it all exist offline it's the more independent branches.
-LMHR largely defunct, mainly a brand name for the occasional gig.
-Unite the Resistance de facto deduct now. (Same with Right to Work)
-Stop the War is independent of SWP now, controlled by Counterfire (ex-SWP)
-TUSC largely an SP dominated SP/SWP electoral front. If Corbyn survives, it likely won't.
-SWSS is their student group (not so much a front), which took a fairly big hit post-season. They usually had a broader student campaign group, but iirc since the demise of Education Activists Network after the end of the 2010/11 student movement I don't think they had another.

They likely have a few paper groups / bulletins in a small number of industries (London underground maybe?) but can't remember exactly - probably healthy as I used to live for this micro sectariana. wink

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Feb 7 2017 15:39

In "my" union, the University and College Union (UCU), they're running the "UCU Left", which to my perception has lost quite a lot of its support during the last few years, currently, they aren't able to run a full slate in the internal elections as they used to do a few years ago. The webpage of their group inside the NUT, the Socialist Teachers Alliance (STA) hasn't been updated for more than four years ... what about UNISON?