Translation of Danilo Montaldi

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Nov 15 2012 18:59
Translation of Danilo Montaldi

Does anyone here know of a translation of the book by Danilo Montaldi named, "militanti politici di base". In either english, french, german, spanish or dutch? Or at least some sort of detailed writeup of the book in any of those languages?

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Jun 20 2017 19:20

I also couldnt find anything yet. Sergio Bologna talks a little bit about the book in an interview which is also on libcom (For an Analysis of Autonomia - An Interview with Sergio Bologna). After the introduction its his response to the second question.
Patrick Cuningham gives some information on him in a footnote:
"The founding father of Italian oral history, his study of grassroots factory militants of the 1950s and 1960s, his Militanti Politici di Base (Grassroots Political Militants) is a classic of modem Italian sociology. A conference on his work was held in November 1994 and an anthology was published in 1995. A more recent publication is Danilo Montaldi e la Cultura di Sinistra del Secondo Dopoguerra, (Naples, 1998)."
In his phd thesis (Autonomia: a movement of refusal: social movements and social conflict in Italy in the 1970's; its online) he cites Donatella Della Porta when mentioning Montaldi - so maybe there is more in there ('Life histories in the analysis of social movement activists' in Diani, M. & Eyerman, R. (eds. ) Studying collective action. London: Sage, 1992, p168-193.). He also refers to Montaldi's concricera methodology (collaborative oral history): "Montaldi's (1971) conricerca methodology, whereby the researcher and the researched collaborate to find common meanings and interpretations" (47).
Montaldi translated the 1947 Correspondence Group (Detroit) pamphlet The American worker - Paul Romano and Ria Stone, which is also on libcom. Maybe this is interesting.

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Jun 20 2017 22:45

I don't know of any existing translations, but I'm also interested in Montaldi and been trying to find his writings online or in pdf, with the same context that bambule mentions: as a precursor of operaismo's militant inquiry, and also as a link between operaismo and earlier currents, specifically left communism.
I only know him from a brief mention here and there, like in Storming Heaven by Steve Wright, but he seems more interesting and worth looking into.

A list of the stuff I'd like to find:

- Autobiografie della leggera (The Leggera)
(Sociological study of people ('outsiders') living in the Po valley.)

- Korsch e i comunisti italiani
(About Karl Korsch and the Italian communist left, 1975)

- Milano, Corea: Inchiesta sugli immigrati
(Milan, Corea: An enquiry about immigration, published in 1960, was about immigration in Milan before immigration became a widely studied topic.)

- Saggio sulla politica comunista in Italia – 1919-1970
(Essay on communist politics in Italy – 1919-1970, published 1976)

And about him:
- L'altra storia. Bosio, Montaldi e le origini della nuova sinistra by Stefano Merli, 1977
- L'altra linea : Fortini, Bosio, Montaldi, Panzieri e la nuova sinistra by Attilio Mangano, 1992