(Another) Wildcat

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Apr 8 2021 17:53
(Another) Wildcat

No, not the 1980s bulletin / paper / group we all know and love but a 12 page newspaper (oversized tabloid) from the early 1970s.
Appears to be a libertarian paper with contributions from anarchists and Solidarity supporters.
I have issue 2, October 1974 but it is just too big to scan on an A3 scanner.
Can anyone tell me anything about it?

Splits and Fusions
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Apr 8 2021 17:56

Picture of cover: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y9rthlzlmwifjqs/wild.jpg?dl=0

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Apr 9 2021 14:38

Interesting. Would be great if you could scan it with your phone and upload it here!
Haven't heard of it, but I noticed that the font of the banner is identical to the "Wildcat" titles of the Donald Rooum books (https://www.amazon.com/Wildcat-Keeps-Going-Donald-Rooum/dp/1904491146)
So don't know if it might have some connection with the Freedom Press group…

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Apr 9 2021 15:34

A bit more info here:

(and exoribtant price to buy some, which is another reason why digitising this stuff is good)

Splits and Fusions
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Apr 9 2021 15:54

No obvious link to the Donald Rooum Wildcat cartoon but on the reverse of my issue there is another Wildcat cartoon by "Smoky Mokes".
I'll do the best scan or photos soon.

By the way, i was thinking about the Wildcat name recently- not just this, and the British and German groups of the 80s and 90s, the Rooum cartoons and (I think) a column in the IWWs paper but also, I just learned, the name of a late 1960s group in the US from whence came Juan Mciver of later Solidarity and World Rev/ICC fame...

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Apr 20 2021 05:52

I had a (very dim) recollection that it was founded by some people who had previously been involved with Freedom/Anarchy (series 1). The name 'Wynford Hicks' came to me, and looking online I see that it is indeed credited to him in David Goodway's 2002 lecture about Nicolas Walter.

That lecture is online in an issue of Ethical Record (pdf). (And has since been included in an edition of one of Walter's texts). It contains some interesting recollections of London anarchist currents in the 1960s:


Wildcat published some interesting articles, for example the Wicked Messengers article about Italy which is already in the libcom library:


The author of another article has put it up at their blog:


Splits and Fusions
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May 3 2021 15:38

So, here is issue 2 of Wildcat and a friend tells me he has a copy of the centre spread pull out section from issue 1 which I will borrow soon.