In early 1920s only 5-7% of the russian population supported Bolsheviks.

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Nov 13 2017 22:58
In early 1920s only 5-7% of the russian population supported Bolsheviks.

Very interesting talk by a specialist on the labor movement during the Russian revolution - historian Boris Pavlov. I've read the documents of the "Anti-Bolshevik workers ' movement in 1918", which he published. In 1918 Pro-Bolshevik euphoria of the working class disappeared. Workers in large factories were angry over the repression and hunger. There is a huge anti-Bolshevik workers movement (Assembly of representatives of the Factories and Plants). But it was defeated by the Bolsheviks.

In early 1920s for the assessment of the Russian sociologist Pitirim Sorokin only 5-7% of the population supported Bolsheviks. This estimate coincides with the results of the elections to Councils of rural deputies in 1925. According to results of the semi-free elections in rural Councils in 1925, Bolsheviks received 3.6% of the seats in the Councils. The peasants were 85% of the population...

None of the slogans of Bolshevism was executed in reality, power was not transferred to the Councils of workers ' and rural deputies, farmers have not received land, the workers have not received the factory to the self-government. The authoritarian state bureaucracy became the total owner and exploiter of the worker.

Nevertheless, Bolsheviks ruled the country for decades. This disappointing result means many things...