What was the last film you watched? part 4

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Nov 25 2017 09:04
What was the last film you watched? part 4

I was getting tired of the old thread never going to the right page, so here's a new one.

Wind River: a pretty good film which touches on the conditions Native Americans live in and the big problems they face. The problem is the main characters are both white outsiders, Jeremey Renner is the tracker/hunter they call in whenever something needs doing, and so it does give us a bit of a white saviour narrative. So with the local sheriff they investigate the death, not quite a murder, of a young woman and it turns out this is part of a pattern...
Worth a watch, but I think Frozen River was better. Also most of the people mumble, it isn't always easy to hear what they say.

Detroit : it wasn't a bad film but I didn't enjoy it. The parts where the characters are held prisoner by the cops are tense and painful, but the intro to the film gives us a fairly standard police narrative, so although the violence and torture is still shocking you still get the impression that they brought it on themselves.

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Dec 5 2017 01:10

Almost Holy

Taxi Tehran

The Villainess


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Dec 5 2017 14:21

ministry of fear
pretty good entry in a genre i like. there are absurd elements which make it more interesting than it would otherwise be, and it was interesting to me to see a scene in the tubes on account of an air raid.

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Dec 5 2017 17:25

John Wick 2. Not as good as the first one, but I nevertheless thoroughly enjoyed it. The John Wick movies are to the early 21st century what the Die Hard movies was to the 90s. Great action films.

A Dark Song. Horror movie in which the entire story is about two people casting a spell/doing a ritual. Never seen a horror movie like that ever. Quite original and enjoyable. A bit low budget, but that didn't get in the way of the story telling. Both creepy and contemplative.