Syndicates and Councils

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Syndicates and Councils

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'Struggle took place in the community and also the idea that unions are seperate from that.'


Anyone who has been involved in a major struggle within industry such as the Miners Strike knows that 'The struggle did take place in the community.' Maybe not on the scale of the struggle of the Miners own conflict with the state but the Community struggle was intense enough. If we look back to the 70s we can see the increasing participation of the Community within industrial strife, I refer to Saltley ,to Wapping and to the Shah episode at Warrington. At the same time the union participation (not NUM,) within conflict faded. I was involved in a fraca about redundancies for several years where the 'union' participation was minimal.It consisted of phone calls from the area office to see how it was going on. There were members of eight union branches, different unions, involved , but the struggle was carried on through works councils. As a lifelong member of 'The Union,' as well as being an active one,shop steward and branch official, I have found the 'union' to be redundant and I retained my membership only to show solidarity to my workmates. Regarding Syndicalist Unions, they are foreign to the mind of the working people of this country and since the "Syndicalist Uprising," in the early 1900s the call has always been for Councils of Action and Workers Councils. These are the distillation of 150yrs of anarchist /working class experience. experience