Autonomist upper-class safari sparks discussion about class in Sweden

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Feb 4 2012 13:43
Autonomist upper-class safari sparks discussion about class in Sweden

The so called “upper class safari” that has been recently running in Stockholm has come under extreme criticism from residents of the elite suburb, and has even evoked several protest attacks.
'Upper-class safari' angers Stockholmers (16 Jan 12)
“Everything for Everyone” (Allt åt alla) is the organization behind the venture, which aims to give tourists a peek behind the curtains of the rich and famous living in glamorous parts of Stockholm.

“The trip is a way of learning about Stockholm’s history and seeing what the segregation really looks like,” said Shabane Barot, a spokesperson for the organization, to the Dagens Nyheter (DN) newspaper.

The tour has proved popular, and eager spectators have filled the 65 seats on the coach, which soon sold out since it was first advertised a few weeks ago.

The tour starts in central Stockholm, travels through Fisksätra, giving a glimpse into a "lower class" area of Stockholm, before heading in the direction of Solsidan, Saltsjöbaden, an ‘upper class’ suburb of the capital.

The Allt åt Alla league has 5 local groups

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Feb 4 2012 13:53

As a PR-stunt it has been extremely successful. Front pages of all the major newspapers (at least web editions) tv debates etc. Dunno about the outcome or impact IRL but at the media level about as big as you can get.

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Feb 4 2012 21:39

It's made the wall street journal.

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Mar 26 2012 21:20

Dear Swedish upper classes,
-- The reason we are writing this letter is because we wanted to set some things straight about what has been going on lately. We know we should have sent this letter long ago, but the nature of the recent debates in the media really took us by surprise. Frankly, were very surprised; by the fact that you hadn't already realized that we hate you, and that this newly acquired knowledge would consequently chock you to such huge a degree, surprised us to such a degree that we simply found ourselves at loss for words.

---- We are not presumptuous, we acknowledge and know fully well that we've been lacking in unity for too long, that there have been too many situations when our hands were clenched into fists in our pockets, when they really should have been put to use in striking your ideas down.

However, we never attempted to keep our hate hidden. We've been
constantly struggling, fighting and screaming, and we never really
doubted that you had gotten our point - but apparently it took an
“upper-class safari” bus-trip* for this to happen.

We concede that there is a theoretical possibility that you could have
remained ignorant of our hatred. You are - obviously - totally content
with the workings of class society, and why shouldn't you be? You're
the ones who gain from it. For us, the only thing left at the end of
the month is this class hatred. However, hate is not a name for the
feelings you provoke inside of us – it's a general term for all the
fucked up situations you cause us, like panicking when not being able
to afford the rent, having to turn to our mates and families to borrow
money for food, the shame of being unemployed, and the shame of being
forced to the unemployment office, queueing in order to get our
benefits. Class hatred is what enables us to mobilize all these
feelings of shame, frustration and alienation into a force for social
change and struggle - struggle for a class-less society, where we
don't have to take shit from you people like you.

Now that media has taken up the topic of class-hatred, the spin in the
debates has been that it's something destructive, a “negative energy”
of sorts. This doesn't bother us much - it sounds all too much like
New Age bullshit anyway. That our hate is nothing but irrational and
caused by jealousy, how could one expect anything else, coming from
you and your media? You refuse to engage in class collaboration on
equal terms – well, we refuse to engage in class collaboration at all.
Class hatred is made possible only by a society underpinned by people
like you, and this earns you our hate. The only way we could ever stop
hating you is for you to go away. Yes, you read it correctly; not only
do we hate class society - we hate you as well. We hate your villas,
and your ugly kids who'll never be forced to feel what we feel. We
hate your superior and priggish attitude and your desperate defense of
your class privileges, privileges that allow you to go on living in
the faith that you, despite not being anything but parasites, could
ever have anything positive to contribute to our world, at all.

Kind regards,
Syndicalist Youth Federation

Statement issued from the 22nd congress of the Syndicalist Youth
Federation, hosted by SUF Umeå, 3-5 february 2012

SUF is a federation consisting of 25 local groups, with a membership around 260.

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Mar 27 2012 06:55

Clever application of the "entrepreneurial spirit" grin

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Mar 27 2012 12:36
altemark wrote:
Frankly, were very surprised; by the fact that you hadn't already realized that we hate you

Seriously. I mean does no one pay any attention any more? Sheesh! roll eyes

We've painted it on banners
We've graffitied it on the walls
We've printed it in papers
We've shouted it in malls
We've said it with flowers
We've said it with molotovs
It's written on our t-shirts
and on our websites too
What's a boy/girl got to do
to get the message through
that we fucking...
...hate you!