Elba squat eviction, Poland

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Mar 20 2012 13:14
Elba squat eviction, Poland

Hey all,

I've heard from friends in Poland that the Elba squat in Warsaw has been threatened with eviction, can anyone shed anymore light on this? I gather they've been told to move by friday. A private security firm moved in early and later made to leave, also their website was hacked too.

Here's a video (in Polish) of the eviction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aJDDDJ_VEw

People in London have been talking of a demonstration outside the Polish embassy on Thursday too, does anyone know anymore about this?


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Mar 20 2012 17:29

Yes, I can say something about this. On Friday (the 16th), security guards hired by Stora Enso moved in to evict the squat. The squat is located on land and buildings owned by that firm. A couple of years ago, the squat was bigger and had more buildings, but the firm came and just destroyed some of the buildings to try to get rid of the squatters. The guards were not acting legally and were aiding by the police. Teargas was used, they brought watercannons and the LRAD, some people were hurt. There was a rather large crowd supporting and protesting and, after about 9 hours of a standoff, the company told the squatters that they would have until this Friday to leave.

There is resistance planned, including an action on Friday in support of the squat.

We from ZSP were at a meeting about this yesterday and we have a more complicated political view of the situation as we are active with tenants movements and antigentrification. We were active on Friday when the police were there and will demonstrate next Friday, but for us we cannot look at this situation in an isolated manner and we criticize the fact that this is made by many into just an issue of defending an alternative cultural institution. In reality, the city is also cracking down on people squatting in public housing or inhabiting it, as they consider it, "illegally" (ie., for years but without the proper paperwork due to bureaucratic reasons). Our comrades, for example, were arrested a couple of weaks ago, also for squatting, but this and dozens of such cases are ignored because it is not linked to music subculture.

We point out that starting on March 31, when we will be marching in Warsaw, Poland will allow eviction onto the streets, without the requirement to supply replacement housing, so hundreds and people will be immediately evicted. Tenants who are organized in grassroots movements are fighting this... not a cause supported in the same way as squatters are supported by the subculture.

So sorry for the digression, but we feel strongly that there is a much larger context and would appreciate it if people also show solidarity for the hundreds of people not related to their subculture who are also being evicted. Members of the Tenants' Defense Committee are also being singled out for eviction on bullshit pretexts as a means of repressing them for their activity. It would be nice if people wanting to protest at the Polish embassy could talk about housing policy as well and thus socialize the protest more.

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Mar 21 2012 06:26

There is a demo is London on Thursday 22 at15:00.
47 Portland Place

If any social anarchists go, it would be again nice to politicize the protest and protest against the new government eviction policies as well.