Khader Adnan

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Feb 18 2012 15:47
Khader Adnan

Solidarity with Khader Adnan. He is on his 62nd day of hunger strike against his unjust imprisonment. Adnan, who now owns a bakery, has not been charged with any crime. The Israelis arrested him because he happens to be a former member of the political party Islamic Jihad. Over 4200 Palestinians are locked away in Israeli jails where they are routinely tortured. Adnan, like hundreds of other prisoners, was never charged with anything, Palestinians who are charged with a crime are sent in front of military tribunals where they are almost always convicted. Apparently the Israelis could not even be troubled to go through this formality with Adnan. Adnan's steadfastness is unifying activists across the occupied territories let's hope this keeps up.