Lewisham Council meeting disrupted by anti-cuts protesters

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Nov 18 2010 18:58
Lewisham Council meeting disrupted by anti-cuts protesters

Last night Lewisham Council's Mayor & Cabinet meeting was disrupted by anti-cuts protesters, after a demonstration of around 100 outside Lewisham Town Hall a number of protesters were able to get into the meeting whilst around 40 had to watch it over a video link in a room upstairs. After chanting in both rooms the ones upstairs were allowed down into the meeting. The meeting was adjourned for over half an hour (when I arrived, so everything up to this point could do with clarifying/expanding upon).

When the meeting was resumed the mayor was presented with petitions from the local library campaigns and pleas were made to the council to keep various services open (one even asked for other services to be cut, not theirs). All throughout the meeting people were chanting, heckling, hurling abuse and banging on the walls creating a massive racket.

It's picked up a bit of local media coverage:


At the meeting a budget bringing in £11.8 million of cuts was approved which is to be voted on in just over a weeks time at the full council meeting on Monday 29th November. Lewisham Anti-Cuts Alliance has called for a demonstration outside (and in) to persuade the councillors to vote against the cuts starting at 6.30pm. It would be good if people could come along.

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Nov 19 2010 10:50

I caught word of this on Indymedia. Sounds a little more intense than the usual 'protester meeting disruption'. Looks like Bullock was actually fairly shaken by it all.

Good luck with action at the full council meeting.

Sidney Huffman
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Nov 19 2010 12:59

I imagine my local anti-cuts group would rather die than do this kind of thing as it wouldn't want to upset the labour councillors currently associated with the group even though it's the very same labour councillors who will be OKing the cuts to services and jobs (under protest, of course, so that's ok then).