Mental French "anti"-racist homophobes

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Feb 7 2013 21:35
Mental French "anti"-racist homophobes

« Dénoncer la tentative de faire de l’homosexualité une identité universelle qui serait partagée par tous les peuples et toutes les populations. »

Anyone heard of this group? Indigenes de la republique? Some kind of insane third worldist anti racist group. They say they are against "imperialist" homosexuality. France is currently debating gay marriage. According to them, homosexuality-as-identity is being imposed on arab and african communities who have no concept of it, which is total bullshit as evidenced by the quote below from some random article:

In Michel Foucault’s 1976 book The History of Sexuality, the French philosopher claimed that although homosexual acts are prehistoric, Europeans and Americans didn’t recognize homosexuality as a trait until the 19th century. Several linguists backed Foucault’s claim, arguing that many Western languages had words for homosexual acts, but not for homosexuality, until very recently. If these theorists are correct, then the Islamic world was about 1,000 years ahead of the West on this issue. Classical Arabic texts have several words for homosexuals and homosexuality dating back to the ninth century.

Anyway, this article about their weird homophobic "anti" racist position is pretty interseting and weird. (Google translated version)

I don't know much about the French left, but it seems pretty crazy. This is one of the weirdest leftist groups I have heard of, in some ways it reminds me of Living Marxism (controversy seeking?) and of the Anti-Deustsche. I hope they are dealt with, fucking morons.

Look at these twerps!

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Feb 8 2013 09:43

Parti des Indigènes de la République, "un parti "anti-impérialiste et antisioniste", their discourse on homosexuality resembles the discurse of many evangelical churches in the South (results of western missionart work and often funded from theor partners in the West) ... their program: ... they love HAMAS, Hezbollah and PFLP and basically say, that white people are not allowed to critizise non-whites, reminds me of some tiny groups in Germany around the weirdo Karam Khella or Voz de Aztlan in the US

p.s.: don't know what the position of the Lambertist Parti ouvrier indépendant (and of its anarcho-syndicalist current around the followers of the late Alexandre Hébert) on the current debate about same-sex marriage is, 15 years ago, they were still denouncing homosexuality as "petty bourgeois deviation"