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Jan 13 2017 15:41
NHS demo

Hello is anyone going to this demo about the NHS?

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Feb 6 2017 17:26

This will be big I'm sure but although I've attended a few local NHS demo's and picket lines in the north west over the last couple of years I can't bring myself to get up before 5am to catch a coach with a load of lefties down to London for a tramp around the big smoke - its bad for my health. There are some useful local campaigns around but the trade unions that will be at the forefront of this have hardly shown themselves able to mount any genuine solidarity action in the workplace where it matters (during the doctors strike fore instance) and one wonders how much of this effort will be about garnering support for the Labour Party in forthcoming elections rather than anything else? Still it would be good to get some reports and feedback from London comrades on this. The NHS really is descending into something of a crisis - round here for instance with at least two local hospitals planning big cuts in beds just as the national news is highlighting the shortage of both beds and staff!! Taken together with the farce (and lies) of the so-called 'Sustainability and Transformation Plans' it's enough to make you sick!

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Noah Fence
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Feb 6 2017 21:49
We must march together, sending a clear message to the government; “the NHS will last as long as there are folk with the faith to fight for it.”

Hmmm, like the clear message sent to the Government to desist with their war mongering?
Few appreciate the NHS more than me at the moment but tramping about London and giving kudos to the unions doesn't strike me as a very effective way of saving it.

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Feb 11 2017 20:30

Hello, Spikymike and Noah Fence both of your critiques are valid.
I do intend to report back on Libcom my experience of the demo.
I intend to go to the Demo as I have never been to one before and
also to discover for myself just how prevalent is the idea that the
NHS demo will amount to no more than

"Vote Labour"

Trade Union officials and Trotskyists.

Interesting Spikeymike you mention Labour Party as where I live Unison Branch secretaries where I live have put brakes on and discouraged Local Government workers from going on strike in the last few years due to Unison having official strong links with Labour Party.

Part of the problem with strikes today is they just seem to be piecemeal one day strike by one sector of trade unions or one trade union at a time. I think a general strike would have bigger success but I am pessimistic about a general strike happening in 2017 although I wish my pessimism regarding the likelihood of there being a general strike turn out to be wrong.

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Mar 4 2017 13:38

Best of luck to all those on today's NHS demo. Problem is that demo's on their own will not stop the dismantling of the NHS. It's not as if the capitalist class worry's about what people think. The system is not democratic and never has been it has always been run in the interests of the capitalist class. Instead of marching aimlessly for the umpteenth time in the company of frauds such as the union leaders and the troublesome duo Corbyn and Macdonald. What is needed is a political fightback of political strikes aimed at hitting the capitalists directly. That is their ability to make profits. If these strikes do not take place then the NHS is finished,